Leann Mueller’s Cause of Death: Co-Owner of La Barbecue Texas Has Died

Mueller is the daughter of Bobby Mueller and the granddaughter of barbecue legend Louie Mueller, who opened his namesake restaurant in Taylor in 1949. In 2012, Mueller opened La Barbecue as a trailer on South First Street, taking over the business that her brother had been running as J Mueller BBQ.

Mueller has been a professional photographer for a long time. She opened the truck with her wife, Ali Clem, and pitmaster John Lewis. They quickly made La Barbecue one of the best places to get smoked meat in Central Texas. The trailer moved to East Sixth Street the next year, and then to the East Cesar Chavez Street Quickie Pickie the year after that.

Leann Mueller Cause of Death

La Barbecue founder LeAnn Mueller died on Wednesday, according to a post on her restaurant’s Instagram.

She was a pioneer in the Texas barbecue scene and came from one of the state’s most proud barbecue families. The statement said that Mueller died peacefully while surrounded by her closest friends and family. No reason was given.

Lewis, who owns and runs two Lewis Barbecue restaurants in South Carolina and the Mexican restaurant Rancho Lewis in Charleston, told the American-Statesman that he thinks of Mueller and Clem as family. He also said that the fiery Mueller would always go to great lengths to help and protect those she thought of as part of her inner circle.

Lewis said that Mueller’s lack of fear and determination in the face of haters and critics gave him the courage to quickly open La Barbecue with a small staff in the highly competitive Central Texas barbecue scene in 2012.

“She was very, very supportive and inspiring. She made this place where things could happen, and she let me do whatever I wanted,” Lewis said. “I wouldn’t have three restaurants and be where I am now without that time at La Barbecue.”

Lewis also said that he thought Mueller was like him because he was fiery and competitive and didn’t care what other people thought.

“I love competing, and I especially love winning. “She was just like me,” said Lewis. “She’s so passionate about it that she sometimes turns people off because she’s so good at it, but I think that’s good. If you think about the best BBQ places in Texas and try to figure out where they came from, you’ll find that a lot of them go back to La BBQ.

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About La Barbecue

Leann Mueller Cause of Death

Lewis worked at Franklin Barbecue before starting La Barbecue with Mueller and Clem. Other famous La Barbecue alumni include Esaul Ramos, co-owner of 2M Smokehouse in San Antonio, and Dylan Taylor, co-owner of Goldee’s BBQ in Fort Worth.

La Barbecue finally got its own storefront in the spring of 2021, when it moved into the old Mongers location at 2401 E. Cesar Chavez St. Mueller’s beef ribs were just as good as the ones her late family members made. The big ribs, great meat, and spicy sausage were the stars of a menu that often had people waiting in line for hours.

Mueller was proud of how much she loved her late father, Bobby Mueller, who was remembered in a painting at an East Austin restaurant. She was known for having a colorful personality and a bright spirit, just like her late brother John, who died at the age of 52 in 2021.

The restaurant’s letter says, in part, that LeAnn was very kind, very fiery, and very funny. “Behind her tough exterior was a sensitive and kind person who would actually give you the shirt off her back, which was probably a button-down shirt with a bold print and short sleeves.

If you were lucky enough to be invited to her house, you could get a good drink (or a cold White Claw), a great meal, and a chance to look through her large art collection.

Mueller also Worked as a Photographer

Mueller spent many years as a photographer in New York and Los Angeles before moving to Texas. She was very close to her hometown of Taylor and her chosen hometown of Austin. Her work, which included features of Willie Nelson, Jay-Z, and Leon Bridges, was often published in national magazines like Rolling Stones and Texas Monthly.

Mueller, a proud lesbian who married Clem in 2014, broke the old boys’ club of barbecue norms. The two of them made La Barbecue one of the most popular and well-known barbecue places in Texas, and they also gave other women hope.

Haley Conlin, co-owner of the newly opened Barbs B Q in Lockhart, told the American-Statesman, “We get all the credit for being the first LGBTQ+ or woman-owned barbecue business, but they were the ones who had to deal with all the problems and challenges of being the first.” “She has always been very helpful, and it felt like she took care of us. She was one of the few women who really knew what it meant to be a woman in barbecue and to do her own thing without caring what other people thought. We are so sad and shocked, and we only want to do what we can to honor her memory.”

Mueller is left by her husband, Clem, and their two dogs, Mr. Pickles and Bobby Dingle. Her nephew, Johnson, is also still alive. Funeral plans are pending.

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