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LG Builds Chips With Canadian AI Computing Startup Tenstorrent

LG Builds Chips With Canadian AI Computing Startup Tenstorrent

LG Builds Chips With Canadian AI Computing Startup Tenstorrent

The Canadian AI computer design company Tenstorrent announced on Tuesday that it would work with the South Korean consumer electronics company LG Electronics Inc. to make chips that run smart TVs, cars, and data centers.

Tenstorrent was started in 2016, and its CEO Jim Keller said in an interview that the company makes both software and hardware. Its computers are used to train and run AI models. Keller is an engineer who is best known for being one of the first people to create chips for Apple, Tesla, and Advanced Micro Devices.

Keller, who had invested in Tenstorrent from the beginning, took over as CEO in 2023. Data company PitchBook says the company is already worth $1 billion, but it hasn’t said who its users are until now.

The tweet below verifies the news:

LG will use Tenstorrent’s blueprint for an AI chip to create its own chips at first, but the partnership is more about strategy, according to David Bennett, Tenstorrent’s chief customer officer.

“We’re also looking at some of the technology that LG has made. Couldn’t it be something we could use in our own goods or with other customers in the future?”

Tenstorrent has also made a processor chip using RISC-V, which is a fairly new open standard chip architecture that competes with Arm Ltd’s Arm architecture. Keller said that, unlike most chip companies, his team was working on both the AI chip and the processor. This is because they will need to work together to handle the fast-changing AI models.

“We have to shoot for everything…. It is very early. And it was built with the parts that were available,” Keller said about the current state of AI and AI tech.

“People have learned a lot about how this works and made real progress in the last five years. But it doesn’t look like we’re close to saying, “This is the right way to do it, the best way to do it, or the final thing.”

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