Everything to Know About Twitter’s New CEO Linda Yaccarino

Elon Musk is giving the job of running Twitter, the social media site he has been in charge of since he bought it last fall, to a seasoned advertising executive.

Musk said on Friday that he will hire Linda Yaccarino to be the new CEO of Twitter, which is now called X Corp and is based in San Francisco. He said that Yaccarino’s main job will be to run the business operations of the company. This will give him more time to work on product creation and new technology.

Here are some important facts about Yaccarino.

Veteran Ad Exec

Yaccarino, who is 60 years old, has been an advertising boss for a long time. She joined NBCUniversal in 2011, right as Comcast was finishing its merger with NBC. She was in charge of integrating the ad sales systems of the two companies.

There, her most recent job title was chairman, advertising, and client partnerships. She was in charge of all of NBCUniversal’s broadcast, cable, and digital assets’ market strategies and nearly $10 billion in advertising income.

Before that, from 1996 to 2011, she had many different jobs at Turner Broadcasting System Inc., such as senior vice president and chief operating officer. That was after she had worked as a manager at several places that sold media.

The tweet below from Musk explains Linda Yaccarino’s responsibilities as a CEO:

“She’s a marketer’s leader,” said Mark DiMassimo, who started and runs the ad business DiGo and is in charge of creativity.

“She talks CMO and she knows what marketers need,” he said, referring to the job of chief marketing officer.

Pushing Boundaries

Yaccarino has pushed for change in the advertising industry in a number of ways. For example, he has pushed for the industry to rely less on Nielsen ratings as a way to measure success.

He has also created a digital platform called One Platform that makes it easier to buy ads across a number of different media so that he can better compete with social media companies and traditional media companies for ads.

The tweet below shows Brian congratulating Linda:

Brian Wieser of the strategic advice company Madison and Wall said, “It’s important to note that they built a big team that has made a lot of innovative products and helped them grow.” “They’ve been pushing the industry in a lot of ways, you know, to make it better.”

“I think that first and foremost, she’ll bring to Twitter an understanding of what advertisers need to see to get back on the platform from a brand safety perspective,” said Dave Campanelli, a chief investment officer of media buying firm Horizon Media. “She knows better than anyone what it will take, and I think the real question for advertisers and buyers is whether or not she will have free reign to do all of that, or whether or not it will be the same old thing (with Musk).”

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Biographical Details

Yaccarino is in charge of the Taskforce on the Future of Work at the World Economic Forum. She graduated from Penn State in 1985 and now lives with her husband, Claude Madrazo, in Sea Cliff, New York. Christian and Matthew are their two kids.

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