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Line-cutting Dispute at Ohio Kroger Kills One

Line-cutting Dispute at Ohio Kroger Kills One

Line-cutting Dispute at Ohio Kroger Kills One

A fight about cutting in line at an Ohio Kroger on Thursday night turned into an attempt to rob the store. A security guard shot and killed one man during the robbery attempt.

Around 10 p.m., someone or more people said that another person had cut in line at the Columbus Kroger at 1745 Morse Road, said police officer Chris Journey.

“It was basically between customers, and a security guard asked them to leave,” Journey said. “It came down to cutting in line and being impatient,” she said.

Within about 10 minutes, one of the people came back and kept arguing with other people in the parking lot. They also tried to rob another person at gunpoint, which Journey said was “kind of like payback.”

Police say a private security guard shot and killed a man outside a Columbus Kroger because he felt like his life was in danger.

Journey said that there was a shooting outside and that several rounds were fired. Not one person was hurt.

The private security guy saw what was going on and went outside.

“He was paying attention and went outside to see what was going on. When he saw what was going on, he fired his gun.”

Journey said that the guard, whose name will not be given, “felt like his life was in danger.”

The victim, who hasn’t been named yet, was taken to Riverside Methodist Hospital, where he died soon after he got there.

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Police: “in General, Columbus is Safe, and Kroger is a Good Place to Shop”

Journey said that police have talked to many witnesses, and most of them have told similar stories. In the parking lot, weapons were found.

Police haven’t said if anyone will be charged with the killing or attempted robbery. The police are looking for other suspects. But no one has been caught.

“Overall, Columbus is safe, and it’s safe to shop at Kroger,” said Journey. “You have these rare cases all over the country.

This is the 69th murder in Columbus.

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