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Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death Revealed After 6 Months

Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death

Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death

On January 12, after being brought to a hospital in California, well-known singer Lisa Marie Presley passed away at 54 years of age. Two days prior to her passing, she made her final public appearance at the Golden Globes. So, what led to her death has been revealed now after the 6 months of her demise.

Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death

Local authorities confirmed that first responders had been sent to Presley’s Calabasas house where they discovered her in cardiac arrest at the time of her death. Elvis Presley’s lone child, Lisa Marie, passed away from a bowel blockage, according to the Los Angeles County medical examiner’s office.

Due to adhesions from the weight-loss operation she had several years prior, there was a blockage. The medical examiner’s office declared on Thursday that she had passed away naturally and cited a “small bowel obstruction” as the reason for her cardiac arrest.

This happens when the small intestine becomes obstructed, which can happen as a result of medications, colon cancer, or adhesions (scar tissue) that form after surgery. Small bowel blockages can result from some gastrointestinal diseases that cause inflammation.

The tweet below confirms the singer’s death cause:

According to the study, Presley’s weight-loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, which she underwent several years ago, was the reason for the adhesions in her case.

The medical examiner’s report stated: “This is a known long-term complication of this type of surgery.”

Small intestinal obstruction deaths are uncommon, according to Dr. Angelique Campen, an emergency department physician at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California.

Patients in these situations frequently endure severe pain and are almost always hospitalized.

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In the end, Presley, a singer and composer, was interred next to Benjamin Keough, her son, who committed suicide in 2020.

After Lisa Marie Presley passed away, her mother, Priscilla Presley, contested the will’s legality on the grounds that she was not aware of a 2016 alteration that had removed her from her position as trustee managing Lisa Marie’s estate.

Instead, the modification designated Riley Keough, a daughter, and Benjamin Keough as co-trustees. Both belonged to Danny Keough, Lisa Marie’s first husband.

In May, the legal conflict was resolved. Nothing about it was ever made public. Lisa Marie Presley, who was born in 1968, continued her father’s musical legacy by releasing three albums throughout her career.

Additionally, she was well-known for her four high-profile marriages to actors Keough, Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage, and Michael Lockwood.

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