Liver King Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career Age, Diet And Workout

Liver King is a social media influencer, bodybuilder, and supplement proprietor from the United States. By consuming an absurd amount of raw meat, he gained notoriety and became the most recent TikTok trend.

In addition, he is well-known for developing a line of nutritional supplements based on the Nine Ancestral Tenants that have defined and guided his life. Liver King appeared on several podcasts with well-known YouTubers and would join the impromptu show.

He is highly active on social media and has amassed over 1.5 million Instagram followers and over 2.5 million TikTok admirers. Today, we will explore the whole net worth of Liver King, including his salary, sources of income, job, biography, opulent lifestyle, gym regimen, and diet plan.


Early Years

The Liver King is a 45-year-old supplement brand owner and influencer whose real name is Brian Johnson.

Brian grew up in Texas, and as a boy, he was a far cry from the massive man he is now. As a result of his father’s passing when he was still young, he grew up depressed and frail, he stated.

From that moment forward, Brian resided in San Antonio with his mother. During school hours, he has frequently shoved around and bullied; in sixth grade, one classmate hooked a loogie in his palm and slapped Brian across the face with it.

Another day, Brian arrived at school with an inflated sense of self-worth due to the theft of a new pair of sneakers from his locker during gym class.


Brian’s actual life began to alter when he joined a gym. This occurred during middle school at the urging of one of his mother’s boyfriends.

It turned out that this individual had a weightlifting bench, so Brian suggested utilizing it. Brian fell quickly in love with the attention he received from his classmates.

A classmate’s reference to him as Mark Wahlberg was the one comment that would alter the course of his life.

Having his physique compared to Mark’s, who at the time was a Calvin Klein model and a member of Funky Bunch, was a defining moment in Brian Johnson’s life.

But before Brian’s change would be complete, he would enroll in medical school after graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in chemistry. However, he dropped out before the conclusion of orientation.

Personal Life

In 2004, Brian met the Liver Queen through expensive outdoor activities such as snowboarding, which he was able to engage in thanks to his employment with a pharmaceutical company.

Before he met Barbara, the woman who would become his life partner, the Liver King led a different way of life.

Barbara was a dentist when she met Brian; after they began living together, they developed a profitable dental practice before selling nutritional supplements that supported Brian’s ancestral lifestyle.

After marrying the Liver Queen, Brian and Barbara produced two boys who are commonly known today as the Savage Liver Boys. His boys frequently appear in the social media posts of the Live King.

Brian read “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon, a cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and diet detox treats when his sons were young and frequently hospitalized with a variety of illnesses and allergies. Brian’s parents were desperate for help, and he did so after reading “Nourishing Traditions.”

Brian decided to implement some of his suggestions to make the book more nutritious after reading the back cover of the book.

The family adopted what they call the nine ancestral tenets, which are sleep, eat, move, shine, connect, cold, sun, fight, and link. In a nutshell, The Liver King and his family had amplified existing mainstream eating trends by 11 points.

In the 1990s, diets consisted of highly processed, low-fat meals, but the dietary trends of the 2010s have swung in the opposite direction, advocating a return to the all-natural, whole foods of our ancestors.

Diet and Workout

Brian decided to share his findings with the world, so in 2021, he began posting about his lifestyle with the assistance of a social media consulting agency.

Brian’s fame skyrocketed on TikTok and Instagram after the Liver King began posting videos of his daily meals, which typically include raw liver, a protein smoothie, bone marrow, and one pound of steak with egg yolk.

The Liver King claims he consumes approximately one pound of raw liver per day. He also offers his numerous fitness routines to his devoted fans. Frequently, they involve transporting extraordinary quantities of weight.

Liver King Net Worth

Liver King net worth is $1 million. His supplement enterprises, most notably Ancestral Supplements, have given the lion’s part of his fortune.

According to Liver King, these supplements are “for persons seeking basic (Liver, Bone Marrow, Organs) and targeted (like supports like) support in harmony with nature – the old-fashioned manner, the way our predecessors did it.”

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