Lost Dog Killed by Ambridge Police Officer

An Ambridge police officer shot and killed a lost dog on Friday, just hours after a good Samaritan found it.

“I’m ashamed. A woman who works near the police station and saw what happened said,” “I can’t get that image out of my head.” She told 11 News without giving her name.

“I can’t even wrap my mind around what I saw today. There are no words for it.” The witness said, “I’ll probably see that for the rest of my life.”

Jane Stadnik found the adult female Mastiff when she was walking around her neighborhood earlier in the day.

“This dog runs across in front of us with its leash dragging behind it,” Stadnik said.

She and her husband looked for the dog’s owner for more than an hour.

When they couldn’t find it, they called the cops in Ambridge.

The dog was picked up by an officer, and the police department posted on Facebook, “If anyone knows who owns this nice dog, please call the Ambridge Police Department right away.”

The tweet below confirms the news:

In a statement to 11 News, Ambridge Police Chief John DeLuca said, “While trying to get the dog out of the kennel, it became aggressive toward an officer and tried to bite him in the hand.” When the officer turned around to go back, the dog got out of its kennel and bit him in the knee. The cops then used a dog pole to try to catch the dog, but the dog turned and lunged at one of the officers. When that happened, the cop fired his gun, hitting the dog.”

“There was blood all over the place. He was holding his head in his hands and said, “She came after me.” I asked, “What did you do?” “I was just ashamed,” said the witness.

The police then put a blanket over the dog, but witnesses said the dog was still alive and had to be shot again to kill it.

“At one point, I saw the boards flop up because she sat back up. She wasn’t dead, so she lay there and suffered for a good half an hour to forty minutes,” the witness said.

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On Monday, an IT expert will look through the video security footage at the Ambridge police station to see if the incident was caught on camera.

If the dog was someone’s, the cops would like the owner to get in touch with them.

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