Louisiana’s Carbon Well Permitting Application Heads to Federal Register

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said on Friday that Louisiana’s request to get enforcement power over carbon capture wells has been sent to the Federal Register for public comment. This is a key step toward getting “so-called” primacy and speeding up the permitting process.

At the moment, the EPA is in charge of approving permits for most Class VI wells in the U.S., which are used to store carbon dioxide. Many people think that carbon capture and storage is an important technology that can help lower emissions and slow down global warming.

So far, only North Dakota and Wyoming have had priority over Class VI wells. This has cut the time it takes to get a permit from years to months.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The next step in job creation and economic growth in Louisiana is to capture and store carbon.” “Being able to let wells be built in Louisiana without the EPA’s help while still following EPA rules gives us an edge over other states and protects the environment,” said Louisiana U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy.”

Carbon capture and sequestration projects are being planned for Louisiana by Talos Energy, Occidental Petroleum, and other large oil and gas businesses.

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