Netflix Series : Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Coming Soon?

The new trailer for Love, Death + Robots Season 3 provides fans a glimpse of what to expect—including executive producer David Fincher’s maiden excursion into directing animated material. A total of twelve Emmy nominations and eleven Emmy wins have been bestowed upon Love, Death + Robots since its debut in 2019. Series producers Tim Miller (Deadpool), Simon Otto (How to Train Your Dragon), and Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2) set the bar high for Season 2, but Season 3 is raising the bar even higher.

In Love, Death & Robots’ third season there will be nine episodes of shark-hunting adventures, zombie satire, and hyper-evolved Scottish rats, as well as the story of a deaf knight who fails to be enthralled by the sirens’ melody. The first sequel to the anthology series’ most popular story, “Three Robots,” by sci-fi novelist John Scalzi, will appear in this third edition.

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Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Plot

From the looks of things, we should expect plenty of sex and violence (along with at least one of volume 1’s foul-mouthed robots) in this sequel.

For the first two seasons of Love, Death & Robots, viewers have seen everything from Christmas demons and naked giants to werewolf marines and vacuum cleaners that have gone crazy. This is a great way to brush up on your knowledge of the show’s often disturbing subject matter.

IGN announced last year that the upcoming season of Love, Death, and Robots will include eight episodes, but it’s unclear how many entries will make up volume 3. Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed the number, but considering volume 2 was similarly made up of eight episodes – following volume 1’s slightly excessive 18 – we’re convinced of its veracity.

Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Cast

Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Cast
Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Cast

Season 3 of Love, Death + Robots will have a larger ensemble cast, according to our predictions. The guest stars’ identities haven’t been made public yet; this could be done to tease the audience.

As the launch date approaches, further details about the new cast members will be made public. Because of this, fans should keep an eye out for any announcements.

Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Episodes

The third volume will have nine episodes; this has been verified in advance.

  1. Bad Travelling
  2. The Very Pulse of the Machine
  3. In Vaulted Halls Entombed
  4. Jibaro
  5. Swarm
  6. Mason’s Rats
  7. Three Robots: Exit Strategies
  8. Kill Team Kill
  9. Night of the Mini Dead

Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Release Date

Netflix has confirmed that the third season of the animated anthology series, Love, Death, and Robots, will be available next month.

Netflix’s Geeked Twitter account tweeted a preview for the upcoming season with the comment, “We interrupt this stream to deliver you a very special message… LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS: VOLUME 3… 20 MAY .”

Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Teaser

Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Trailer

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