Lyft Driver Shot And Killed In Dekalb County Identified

According to the authorities, a Lyft driver was killed when she was caught in the middle of a domestic quarrel that was taking place between her passenger and a male.

On Monday evening, law enforcement discovered the body of 31-year-old Lauren Allen, who had been shot to death inside her vehicle. The investigation has led investigators to think that she had just dropped off a passenger on Cedar Croft Court before the occurrence of the altercation between the passenger and the male.

According to information obtained by Channel 2 Action News, Allen was the daughter of Joe Sawyer, who served as a councilman in Peachtree Corners.

Before Allen drove off, the suspect, identified by the police as Lerelle Chatman, 23, allegedly fired several gunshots at the vehicle that Allen was driving.

At approximately 8:45 p.m., according to a witness who spoke to Channel 2 Action News, they heard multiple gunshots. One witness claims that she heard between 10 and 15 rounds and that she observed someone shooting from a car. She also stated that she saw the shooter.

She told Channel 2 that both she and her daughter had immediately dialed the emergency number 911.

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This is the same individual who was later assassinated by law enforcement at a Shell petrol station located a little less than a mile away. His name was Chatman. During the broadcast of WSB Tonight, Larry Spruill of Channel 2 was the first to report on the site. Police had just sealed off the intersection.

The police reported that they saw Chatman armed with a rifle and that he then opened fire on them. A number of bullets struck the police car as well as another vehicle that was parked at the gas station.

Officers from DeKalb opened fire on Chatman, which ultimately resulted in his death. The inquiry concerning Chatman’s death has been transferred to the custody of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The GBI has stated that it will conduct its own investigation prior to handing over the findings to the office of the district attorney once the inquiry is over.

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