Maisie Williams Net Worth: How Much She Earn?

Maisie Williams is one of the luckiest actresses to make her acting debut in the largest and most successful television show, Game of Thrones. We best know her as the killer of White Walker, “Arya Stark.” Do you know, How much Maisie Williams Net Worth? To get to know, read the full article.

Maisie Williams Early Life: Where Did She Put Up?

On the 15th of April, 1997 found Margaret Constance Williams entered the world in Bristol, England. She was reared by her mother and stepfather in a municipal house after her parents divorced when she was four months old (the UK equivalent of a housing project). Maisie Williams’ mother was a university course supervisor when Maisie was young, but she left that profession to devote more time to helping Williams pursue an acting career.

Margaret, who went by “Maisie” during her formative years, trained in musical theater, ballet, gymnastics, and other forms of dance. Her initial plan was to pursue a career in dance. With her star on the rise thanks to “Game of Thrones,” she dropped out of high school at the age of 14.

Maisie Williams Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, she has been dating fashion designer, model agency founder, creative agency co-founder, and former Daisie platform communication director Reuben Selby since 2019. They’re all very much into the fashion industry.

Maisie Williams Personal Life: Who Is Her Partner?

We all know that after being cast in Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams’ life completely shifted. In 2016, when she had 8.4 million Instagram followers and 2 million Twitter followers, she was honored with the Shorty Award for social media excellence.

Vogue’s Janelle Okwodu and The Daily Telegraph’s fashion editor, Emily Cronin, have both called Williams’s look “quirky, youthful style” and “Street Style,” respectively, so it’s safe to say that Williams is a modern fashionista grownup.

Maisie Williams Career: How Old Was She During The Filming Of Game Of Thrones?

At age 12, Maisie was cast as Arya Stark in the premiere season of “Game of Thrones,” launching her acting career. After then, she became known as a promising young actress thanks to her role as a pivotal plot point. I

n the episode “The Long Night,” which featured the longest fighting scene in cinema and television history, Williams conducted most of her own stunts and fight scenes. Williams ended up being in every one of “Game of Thrones” eight seasons.

The reviews for Maisie’s performance as Arya Stark were overwhelmingly positive. She was the recipient of several honors and the recipient of numerous nominations.

Her ascent to prominence, critics said, was due to her outstanding talents and evident acting instincts, although she entered the entertainment industry with almost no acting experience. Arya rose to prominence as a top pick for American parents in 2012.

Williams, during her time on “Game of Thrones,” also considered other acting roles. Her first roles in British television, such as “The Secret of Crickley Hall,” did not come until 2012. She had a starring role in the 2014 film “The Falling,” for which she received several accolades. In the same year, she also appeared in four “Dr Who” episodes and another film, “Gold.”

In 2017, Maisie appeared in the Netflix films iBoy and Mary Shelley. In the following year, she provided her voice for a role in Nick Park’s stop-motion animated feature, “Early Man.” In the same year, she also made her stage debut in “I and You.”

With “Then Came You” scheduled for release in 2019, she will have secured yet another film role by that time. In the same year, she appeared in the animated online series gen: LOCK, where she maintained her voice acting career.

In 2020, she made her long-awaited debut in Disney’s The New Mutants, a film that had been postponed several times since 2018. Reviewers were generally unkind to this film.

Brand endorsements have been a major source of additional income for Maisie Williams over the years. At the 2020 Super Bowl, she was featured in an Audi commercial. In the same year, she also appeared in a Macbook commercial. A new brand ambassador for Cartier, Maisie’s appointment caps off a triumphant 2020.

As of 2021, she will serve as H&M’s global sustainability ambassador. However,  Maisie Williams received criticism for her decision because H&M isn’t dedicated to global sustainability. Many people said that H&M and Williams were “greenwashing” their products.

Williams launched her own production firm in 2016, aptly titled “Daisy Chain Productions.” The company’s primary output is British-made dramatic television shows, feature films, and short films. Williams launched the social networking platform Daisie in 2018.

The goal of this app is to provide emerging creatives with a venue to network with project organizers and promote their work. She was able to get Daisie off the ground in 2019 with $2.5 million in seed funding. About one hundred thousand people signed up for Daisie in 2019. Next, we will discuss Maisie Williams Net Worth.

Maisie Williams Net Worth: Is She Millionaire?

Now, we will talk about Maisie Williams Net Worth.

Maisie Williams Net worth: $6 million Actress and dancer from England Maisie Williams. Williams is probably best recognised for her role as Arya Stark in the wildly successful HBO series “Game of Thrones.” From the show’s premiere in 2011 until its cancellation in 2019, she was a mainstay. Both critical acclaim and Emmy Award consideration came Williams’ way after her performances.

Maisie has been busy outside of “Game of Thrones,” appearing in a variety of films and television shows. She also managed guest spots on British shows including “Doctor Who” and “Cyberbully” during her tenure on the show. In 2017, she also had an appearance in the British drama film iBoy.

When “Game of Thrones” ended, she began recurring on “Two Weeks to Live.” Besides “The Falling,” “Mary Shelley,” “Then Came You,” “The New Mutants,” and “The Owner,” she has worked on a number of other films.

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