Man Accidentally Burns Himself To Death In Santa Rosa

In Santa Rosa, a man died early on Saturday morning after allegedly putting himself on fire by accident.

According to Santa Rosa police, they received calls about a fire in the 1200 block of Santa Rosa Avenue, at the back of a shop, at 12:47 in the morning.

The Santa Rosa fire department’s personnel put out the fire that had killed an adult male at the site after it had consumed him. According to police, video surveillance from surrounding businesses painted a clear image of what happened.

The individual was seen using a lighter to ingest what the authorities believe to be a drug in the back of the establishment. Then the man looked to doze off and sagged to the ground. His clothing later caught fire after first burning for a short while. He was unable to put out the flames, according to the police.

The Sonoma County coroner’s office and police investigators are collaborating to identify the victim, who they suspect was a guy in his 40s or 50s who was probably homeless. According to authorities, it’s probable that when the victim used his lighter, a flammable gel residue (perhaps a chafing gel) on his hands, clothing, or both, ignited.

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