Man Accused of Robbing With Nintendo Duck Hunt Weapon

A guy from South Carolina was caught after police said he robbed a convenience store with a fake gun that could play a Nintendo game.

The York County Sheriff’s Office says that David Joseph Dalesandro, 25, robbed a Kwik Stop in Sharon, a small town in northwest South Carolina. He used a “Duck Hunt” gaming gun that was spray-painted black.

The tweet below verifies the news:

CNN couldn’t figure out if he had a lawyer representing him.

A news report from the sheriff’s office said that witnesses told deputies that someone wore a wig, a hooded sweatshirt, and a mask when they went into the store on May 30.

Authorities say the person showed the clerk the fake gun in his waistband and ordered that about $300 be taken from the register.

The gaming pistol was found in Dalesandro’s pants when sheriff’s officers found him in the parking lot of a Dollar General store nearby.

Booking information showed that Dalesandro was nabbed and was still in jail on Friday without a bond.

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The sheriff’s office says that he is being charged with armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and small theft.

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