Man Arrested In Connection With Kidnappings Near Wichita Schools Is Identified By Police

The Sedgwick County Jail received a booking for a guy on Thursday night in connection with two kidnappings that took place this week close to Wichita schools, according to the Wichita Police Department.

Police acknowledged Manasseh Ward, age 21, is being held in custody after being charged with kidnapping and child sex offenses. Charges include two counts each of kidnapping, aggravated criminal sodomy, three counts of indecent liberties, aggravated assault twice, and criminal threat twice.

A young adolescent girl reported being abducted by a man operating a blue car in the 6600 block of East Boston, according to police, at 3:50 on Wednesday. According to the police, the male tried to sexually attack the girl before letting her go. She told a family member about the incident, and officers looked into it all night.

Two elementary-aged kids, a boy, and a girl were in the 900 block of S. Drury on Thursday at 8:55 a.m. They were making their way to 650 S. Apache, Clark Elementary School. According to the police, a man driving a blue car kidnapped the kids. After dropping the youngster off, he drove on with the girl in the backseat. She discovered safe a short while afterward.

Officers discovered the suspect’s vehicle while looking into the incident close to Harry and Woodlawn. They made an effort to halt the car, and then there was a brief foot chase. In the 6600 block of E. Boston, the suspect was promptly taken into custody. Police recognized the man as Ward on Thursday night and confirmed the allegations against him.

According to records, Ward previously spent time in state detention after being charged with aggravated assault, a serious crime. They were based on an occurrence that happened in September 2019.

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