Man Charged in Fatal Hit-and-run

On Saturday, a 37-year-old driver from Southport was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal hit-and-run accident.

A news statement from the Southport Police Department says that at 4:15 a.m., officers found a woman lying in the road who was not moving. When cops got to the 300 block of East 18th Street, they found that the victim had been hit by a car that had already left the scene. At the scene, she was said to be dead.

As of Sunday morning, the police force had not said who the victim was.

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Anthony Wayne Overman Jr., 37, was charged with unintentional manslaughter, hit-and-run causing major injury or death, failing to report an accident, and failing to slow down.

The accident is being looked into by the police. Chief Todd Coring is asking anyone with information to call 910-457-7911 or call 911 to get in touch with the police.

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