Man Charged With Hate Crime Following Racist And Homophobic Rant

A guy from Colorado was taken into custody on Monday after he was caught on video shouting homophobic and racist comments to an Asian man and lady as they were eating at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant in California. The video was posted on the social media platform TikTok.

On Christmas Eve, Arine Kim and Elliot Ha went to In-N-Out Burger to sample some of the things on the restaurant’s rumored “secret menu,” and according to CBS News, they filmed themselves doing so. Kim and Ha have been harassed by a man who can be heard off-camera making obscene statements about them.

The man approached Kim and Ha. The man insulted the two individuals by referring to them as “strange gays,” made a threat to spit in Ha’s face, and informed them that he would see them outside.

In a later question, he inquired, “Are you Japanese or Korean?” “Are you Korean or Japanese?” I asked. This begs the question: are you Kim Jong Un’s boyfriend? You engage in homosexual activity with him?”

After the customer had left the restaurant, the two recalled that the man had been staring at them. According to what Kim said to CBS News, “He was staring down at us for ten to fifteen minutes through the glass, and his attention never shifted from us.” As a result of Kim and Ha’s request, personnel from In-N-Out Burger walked them to their vehicle.

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