Man Crushed To Death Beneath Outdoor Urinal In London

LONDON — According to the police, a man was killed on Friday in the theatre district of London when he was crushed to death by a pop-up urinal.

After the man became caught under a hydraulic urinal at Cambridge Circus, a busy intersection in the city’s West End, firefighters were able to extricate him with the use of a winch thanks to their quick response.

The worker “is likely to have incurred crush injuries while working on a telescopic urinal,” according to the Metropolitan Police department. According to the statement made by the police department, “despite the efforts of rescue services,” he was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

His true identity has not been made public.

The retractable urinals may be found all over London’s nightlife zones. During the day, they are stowed below ground, but at night, they are brought to the surface.

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