Man Died After Being Shot Trying to Stop Theft at Pleasanton Home Depot

Police in Pleasanton say that a man was shot to death when he tried to stop a theft at a Home Depot. The thieves were later caught in Oakland.

Witnesses told the police that the man tried to stop someone from stealing from the store. The man was then shot.

Officers from the Pleasanton Police Department were seen at Home Depot in Pleasanton working late into the night.

In a statement, Home Depot says, “This needless tragedy has broken our hearts. Blake was a colleague and friend of ours, and we feel sorry for his family and everyone who knew and loved him.”

The Alameda County Coroner says that detectives told them not to give out the full name of the person who died.

“Attention 118 units, please broadcast for the safety of officers. At the Home Depot on Johnson Drive in Pleasanton, shots were fired.”

That was the first thing the cops said over the radio after shots were fired near Interstate 580 at this Home Depot. Witnesses told the cops that the person who was hurt tried to stop a thief. A fight broke out, and the man was shot. Police say they then saw two suspects driving away from the store. They caught up with them quickly.

“Attention 118 units The Pleasanton PD is looking for the CHP. At 2:45, they are going east on 580 at Foothill.” “This is a red Pathfinder by Nissan.”

“106th at 90 miles per hour, lane three.”

The tweet below confirms the news:

At this spot on Ney Avenue in East Oakland, the chase came to an end. One man and one woman were both held. Their Nissan Pathfinder did the pulling. The news made shoppers angry.

Lilly Lo, who lives in the area, said, “Pleasanton and Dublin used to be really safe places to visit and live, but it seems like a lot has changed in the last five years.”

A shopper named Subodh Khare said, “I’m really upset that this is going on.”

“Better laws and stricter enforcement,” said Kishore Rao, who was out shopping.

Police aren’t saying much about where the shots were fired or what kind of security team this person was a part of. They also won’t say if the suspects have been caught or charged. We were only told that a press statement would be sent out on Wednesday.

Police issued this statement Tuesday:

Pleasanton Police Department is actively investigating a shooting that occurred at approximately 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18 inside a Home Depot store located at 6000 Johnson Drive. Our dispatch center received calls about a man who was bleeding inside the store. Officers rendered aid to the victim, and he was immediately transported to a nearby hospital. Witnesses reported the victim attempted to stop a theft in progress, wherein a struggle ensued, and the man was shot. The suspects were seen immediately driving away from the scene after the shooting. Allied agencies were notified of the description of the wanted vehicle. At approximately 2:30 p.m., deputies with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office located the vehicle and successfully detained the suspects near the 7000 block of Ney Avenue in Oakland. If you or anyone you know has information about this incident, please call Pleasanton Police Department at (925) 931-5100.

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