Man Dies Following Officer-involved Shooting In KCK

(KCTV) KANSAS CITY, Kan. A guy was shot and killed by an officer in Kansas City, and an investigation is ongoing.

The KCKPD reports that it took place in the 5200 block of Georgia Avenue. No officers were hurt, according to them.

The Kansas City Police Department in Missouri is conducting an investigation. It is the usual procedure for an outside agency to look into shootings involving officers.

As a result, the KCPD gave some details about what occurred on Friday night.

According to them, KCK police were contacted about a potential drug overdose to the 5400 block of Haskell around 5:45 p.m.

When the police came, they discovered a man and a woman inside the house who were both unresponsive. At a hospital, they are presently in stable condition.

A KCK officer noticed a man in the neighborhood riding off on a bike as EMS was helping the unresponsive people. The officer then informed the nearby officers of this information.

Approximately half a mile away from the property, in the 5200 block of Georgia Avenue, KCK officers saw this man and attempted to stop him.

Shots were fired after there was “some sort of altercation from there,” according to KCPD Officer Donna Drake.

Not several KCK police, just one shot was fired. The wounded man passed away as a result of his wounds.

Officer Drake said the man who was shot was armed but did not elaborate on the nature of the interaction that took place.

The incident has resulted in the placement of one officer on leave.

At this time, there is no additional information available.

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