Man Dies Rescuing Wife After Suspected Gunman Ambushes Them at Mailbox

A Chandler woman says that her husband saved her life when a neighbor with a rifle started shooting at them while they were driving to get their mail.

Police told KNXV that when the Arizona woman looked up, she saw that her 58-year-old husband, who had pushed her head down to avoid the gunfire, had been shot “many times” and had died.

In the 4:47 p.m. shooting on Monday, April 3, Channing Vanderbilt, 31, was arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault.

This was said in a news release from Chandler police.

Vanderbilt Pretended to Be a Bystander

The Arizona Republic said that Vanderbilt, who lives nearby, pretended to be a bystander when police arrived. He told the police that he didn’t shoot anyone and that someone put a gun in his pickup truck.

The newspaper says he also told police that he had taken some of the bullet casings as souvenirs.

Police say the woman told them that Vanderbilt started shooting with a rifle as she and her husband pulled up to a shared mailbox in the neighborhood to get their mail.

Police told KNXV that there was no reason for the attack.

Police say that when the woman saw that her husband had been shot, she called 911 and told the dispatcher that Vanderbilt had done it.

Police said that they had already been there because someone had said that someone had shot at a cinder block wall nearby. They are looking into the cases to see if they are connected.

About 20 miles southeast of Phoenix is the city of Chandler, which has about 280,000 people.

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