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Dogs Bite a Man Who Was Pet-sitting for a Family Member and He Dies

Man Dies When Attacked by Dogs

Man Dies When Attacked by Dogs

A man in Minnesota was killed after the dogs he was caring for attacked him, according to the authorities. The event occurred on Thursday at noon outside a Brooklyn Center residence. Several dogs were reportedly attacking an individual in the backyard, who was “yelling for help,” according to a neighbor’s report to police.

According to authorities, when they arrived, they found four dogs attacking a guy in the backyard. Using a “less lethal round,” cops reportedly hit at least one of the dogs and drove the rest back inside the house.

The man “had most of his clothing ripped off and had extensive bites on most of his body,”  according to a statement released by the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Officers locked a garage door and immediately began providing help.

Man Dies When Attacked by Dogs

The victim was reportedly intubated at the scene and taken to a nearby hospital for surgery, but he or she passed away late Thursday night. The man had been caring for the American pit bull terriers at his home for a relative, but he did not own them, authorities said.

Police have quarantined the canines pending the results of a dangerous dog assessment. The event is still being looked into at this time.

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