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Man Discovered Shot at South Side Motel, Hospitalized in Critical State

Man Discovered Shot at South Side Motel, Hospitalized in Critical State

The San Antonio Police Department reports that on Monday, a guy was found with three gunshot wounds in the motel’s breezeway on the city’s South Side. Interstate 35 southbound between Southwest Military Drive and Grosvenor Boulevard, specifically in the 7200 block, was the scene of the incident.

Authorities said the 31-year-old victim was awake and spoke to them when they arrived, but details of the shooting remain sketchy. Both of his limbs (arm and leg) had been shot at.

The injured individual was subsequently transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center in critical condition. Whether or not the victim was a paying guest at the motel, as well as the precise location of the killing, remain mysteries.

The tweet below verifies the news:

An employee at the motel who heard the ruckus is currently speaking with investigators to provide context for the occurrence. The San Antonio Police Department must now work to determine what led up to the incident. Information regarding the gunman is sketchy at best, and they lack any concrete details at this time.

It’s likely that law enforcement agents are making every effort to learn more about the occurrence by finding new pieces of evidence and conducting interviews with eyewitnesses.

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