The Family of a Man Eaten by Bed Bugs in Jail Plans to March at the State House to Reveal Autopsy Results

The family of a man who was found dead in the Fulton County jail will protest outside the state building to demand justice.

The people in charge of the jail said he had bug bites all over his body.

“Shocked and disgusted,” said Georgia NAACP attorney Gerald Griggs.

That’s all Griggs could say about the pictures of LaShawn Thompson’s body, he said.

Thompson’s family said that while he was in the Fulton County jail, bedbugs ate him alive. Thompson was jailed for simple battery, which is a misdemeanor, in June of last year.

His family says that the Fulton County jail treats people badly and is too full.

The tweet below verifies the news of manner of death:

Pastors in the area, the NAACP, and Thompson’s family have been asking for more to be done for weeks. Monday, they are going to the Georgia State Capitol to talk about this call to action.

“The family of LaShawn Thompson, his lawyers, and activists will hold a rally to share the results of the independent autopsy that the family asked for,” Griggs said.

Griggs said that the family wanted this expert autopsy to find out what really happened.

He said, “I hope it will shed light on what really happened and help the family find more closure and accountability in this case.”

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They want the leaders of the state to take responsibility.

“A number of state-level elected leaders are interested in this case.” “There are people in the government who are interested in this case,” Griggs said.

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