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Man found dead after house fire in Port St. Lucie

Rockford Man Charged With First-degree Murder After Weekend Shooting

Rockford Man Charged With First-degree Murder After Weekend Shooting

“A person who lived in the house saw smoke coming from the garage and called 911,” Dellacroce said. “The person who called 911 and another person who was in the house were able to get out without getting hurt.”

Police said that when firefighters from the St. Lucie County Fire District went into the house, they found the 56-year-old guy dead in the garage. Crews from the Fire District are looking into what caused the fire, and police officers are looking into the death.

Chief of Fire looks back on 30 years: Nate Spera, who is leaving his job as chief of the SLC Fire District, has led many changes over the years.

Family Members Didn’t Want to Say Anything

The place is west of Florida’s Turnpike, near Southwest Port St. Lucie and Southwest Gatlin boulevards. On Monday morning, several police and Fire District cars were parked on both sides of the house on Southwest Cactus Circle.

Two sedans, one red and one blue, were in the driveway outside the garage of the one-story home while police and fire officials stood at the yellow-taped scene.

Family members didn’t want to say anything.

Online records from the St. Lucie County Property Appraiser show that the home is owned by Eloy C. Gutierrez Fernandez.

Jacquez Huell, a 33-year-old neighbor, said he was sleeping when the fire started.

Huell said, “I came outside and saw a lot of police, but I didn’t know what was going on.”

He said he didn’t know the people who lived near where the fire happened well, but he was worried about them.

Huell said he bought his house in January 2022. He thought that a married couple and two teenagers lived there.

“It’s usually quiet, and nothing like this ever happens,” he said.

Brenda Stokes, a spokeswoman for the St. Lucie County Fire District, said that the reason and origin of the fire are still being looked into.

She said that one adult and two teens had been forced to move.

Krista Keiser, a 29-year-old neighbor, said she often saw a woman working in the garage.

“My husband said there were people out there, so he thought there might be a small fire. When we saw how many people were coming, we knew someone had died,” Keiser said. “We saw the family crying, and all we wanted to do was leave them alone.”

There was no other information available right away.

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