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Man Found Guilty of Abusing Corpse and Tampering with Evidence in Paige Johnson’s 13-Year-Old Disappearance Case

Man Found Guilty of Abusing Corpse

Man Found Guilty of Abusing Corpse

In a long-awaited development, Jacob Bumpass, 34, has been found guilty by a jury of abusing a corpse and tampering with evidence in connection with the 13-year-old disappearance case of Paige Johnson. The verdict was delivered on Monday after two days of deliberation. Both charges carry the weight of felonies.

The case garnered significant attention as Paige Johnson, a 17-year-old single mother from Florence, Kentucky, went missing in Covington, an eastern Ohio town located approximately 90 miles away, back in 2010. She vanished after attending a party with friends, leaving her loved ones distraught and searching for answers.

In a dramatic turn of events, Paige Johnson’s remains were finally discovered in a wooded area near Williamsburg Township in Clermont County, Ohio, in 2020, shedding light on the cold case that had haunted authorities and the community for over a decade.

Jacob Bumpass was indicted in July 2020, as police investigations led them to believe that he was the last person to see Paige Johnson alive. During interrogations, Bumpass claimed to have dropped her off in Covington, but a crucial piece of evidence revealed that his cell phone pinged on a cell tower near East Fork State Park, about a mile and a half away from where her remains were eventually found.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Although Bumpass was never charged with murder, prosecutors faced challenges as coroners could not determine a cause of death, leaving them unable to gather sufficient evidence to pursue homicide charges. However, they successfully made their case against Bumpass for abusing the victim’s corpse and tampering with evidence related to her disappearance.

Prosecutors alleged that Paige Johnson met her tragic end at Jacob Bumpass’ home in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, and her remains were later moved to the woods near East Fork Lake, further complicating the investigation and delaying justice for the grieving family.

Following the jury’s decision, Jacob Bumpass is set to face sentencing on September 7th. His attorney has already announced intentions to appeal the ruling and seek a new trial, as reported by WLWT in Cincinnati.

The verdict marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of justice for Paige Johnson and closure for her family and loved ones. As the legal proceedings continue, the community remains vigilant, hoping that this case will bring some semblance of resolution to a 13-year-old mystery that has gripped the nation.

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