Man From Mcallen Allegedly Transported 253 Pounds Of Meth

According to a federal criminal complaint, a man from McAllen claimed he would receive thousands of dollars to bring illegal drugs from Mexico into the country.

According to the federal criminal complaint, Mauricio Enrique Paez, who was born in 2000, was aware that he was transporting drugs but was unaware that they were methamphetamine, which weighed 114.80 kilogrammes or 253.09 pounds.

Paez went before U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald G. Morgan on Friday, who ruled that he should remain in custody without bond. His subsequent court date is set on February 1.

Paez attempted to enter the country from Mexico on Thursday through the Hidalgo Port of Entry in McAllen, according to the federal criminal complaint. He assured U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities that the Ford F-150 pickup truck he was operating wasn’t carrying any illicit drugs.

According to the federal criminal complaint, the truck was sent to a secondary inspection location where CBP officials discovered a “anomaly” inside the gas tank.

According to the federal criminal complaint, “CBPO’s noted the gas tank was divided by an aftermarket trap door which separated the gas from a liquid suspected to contain methamphetamine.”

The CBP officials took the tank’s contents out and examined them in the field; the results showed that methamphetamine was present.

In the federal criminal complaint, Paez claimed he would receive about $6,000 if he was successful in bringing the drugs from Mexico into the US.

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