Man Gets 23 Years for Rape, Robbery, and Kidnapping Despite ‘biased Jury’

A 33-year-old man was sentenced to at least 23 years in prison for the rape, kidnapping, and robbery of a woman in 2017.

It wasn’t until July that Warren J. Pittman was found guilty of all of these offenses, including criminal impersonation and intentional mischief.

Man Gets 23 Years for Rape, Robbery, and Kidnapping Despite 'biased Jury'
Man Gets 23 Years for Rape, Robbery, and Kidnapping Despite ‘biased Jury’

The April 2021 attack resulted in the 23-year sentence handed down by Judge Annette Plese on Tuesday.

After a woman left a gas station in the Logan area, Pittman followed her, brandished a gun, and introduced himself as a police officer. At the Ramada Inn in Spokane Valley, he sexually abused the woman after tying her up, threatening her grandma, and telling her stories about victims he tormented. Additionally, he swiped a few of her personal effects. According to the court papers, the woman left a message in the hotel room indicating that she had been kidnapped and desperately needed assistance.

After posting bond, Pittman escaped to Mexico. Near the Mexican border in January, he was caught once more.

In a lengthy and hastily delivered statement to the courtroom after his sentence, Pittman detailed his complaints with his trial, including a “biased jury,” “suppression of evidence,” and a breach of his constitutional rights. He also asked for a new trial to be held.

The rights I had been guaranteed were grossly disregarded, Pittman claimed. The rules are being broken in this place.

Pittman further stated his desire to assist U.S. Border Patrol and his familiarity with Mexican cartels.

When he was done, Plese followed up by asking, “Anything else?”

Pittman responded, “I’m sorry.”

However, Plese did inform Pittman that he had 30 days to launch an appeal if he was still dissatisfied with the outcome.

Plese told Pittman, “Listening to the evidence they had, I have severe concerns over what happened and the terror felt by the victim during the 18 to 24 hours.”

Because of Pittman’s cooperation, his attorney Annie Wasilewski requested a sentence at the “low end” of the sentencing range. Pittman was looking at a possible sentence of 280 years in jail up to life in prison.

She emphasized that “he truly has no criminal background.” Totally not like you.

The judge gave Pittman the maximum possible prison term of life plus 23 years, or life plus a minimum of 23 years.

After he has served the minimum term of his sentence, he will have to go before a parole board. After his release, he must serve three years of community custody.

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