Man Is Accused Of Raping A Teenage Girl About Ten Years Ago

Authorities charged a Kalispell man with the alleged rape of a minor girl around ten years ago after she came forward with the allegations this past February and put him into county prison on Wednesday.

The Flathead County District Court has charged 32-year-old Jon Allen Wilson with a felony count of having sex without permission after Judge Heidi Ulbricht issued an arrest warrant for him on November 22.

He was first detained with a $50,000 bail amount; he has since been freed.

According to court filings, the victim, who is now 25 years old, told Kalispell Police Department investigators on February 4 that she first encountered Wilson when she was 12 years old.

According to court records, the two went to church together, and the victim claimed she had a crush on Wilson, who she believed to be 18 or 19 at the time.

After she confessed her crush to Wilson and they started getting physical, the victim said authorities, according to court documents. Wilson then started communicating with her more frequently.

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She claimed that Wilson would infiltrate her Kalispell home and fondle her breasts while she was wearing her clothing. According to court documents, he also probed her vagina with his fingers and grabbed her genital region.

According to court records, the victim admitted to the authorities that Wilson was aware of her age. When she was about 15 years old, according to her, she broke off communication.

When detectives spoke with Wilson, he apparently corroborated a large portion of her memory. In court papers, he admitted to being aware of her age, which he estimated to be around 13.

Wilson allegedly told police that despite her advanced age, he valued their attention.

He is scheduled to appear before Ulbricht on December 15 to be charged with the felony. Given the age of the victim, Wilson risks a minimum sentence of four years in state prison, a maximum sentence of life in prison, a fine of up to $50,000, and restitution if found guilty.

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