Man Killed A Homeless Man And Attacked Two Others

This past Thursday, Aman was given a sentence of 48 years to life in prison for the murder of a homeless man and the assault of two other transients that occurred the same afternoon in Hollywood.

On August 4, 2018, a jury found 66-year-old Domingo Rodas guilty of first-degree murder for the stabbing death of Keith Fallin on August 6, 2009, and two counts of attempted murder for the stabbing deaths of two other men on the same day.

Man Killed A Homeless Man And Attacked Two Others
Man Killed A Homeless Man And Attacked Two Others

It was Rodas’ second such conviction, making him a repeat offender.

After being cleared of murder charges in the deaths of two additional men in Hollywood, California, on July 18, 2009, during the same day, Roger Cota, 52, and Frederic Lombardo, 45, a different jury found him guilty of the same offenses in March 2014.

With a history of psychosis and the choice to stop taking medicine, the trial court judge in Rodas’ first trial failed to correctly assess the defendant’s competency to stand trial, according to a verdict issued by the California Supreme Court in 2018. The state’s highest court ordered an appeals court panel to throw out Rodas’ conviction, but it said he may be retried as long as he wasn’t mentally unfit.

During the retrial of Rodas, Deputy DA Eric Feil told the jury that Fallin and the two attempted murder victims were homeless and had been stabbed once in the chest.

In his closing argument, the prosecution claimed the crimes were carried out in a “premeditated and planned manner,” adding, “They were all taken by surprise.”

Two of the guys were attacked on Yucca Avenue, while Fallin, 43, was attacked while he slept on Hollywood Boulevard.

Soon after, Rodas, whose real name is Doudley Brown, was apprehended with a knife hidden in an improvised sheath up his sleeve.

The prosecutor told the jury that Fallin’s DNA was found on the sheath and that Rodas was caught with everything he needed to “truly terrorize the streets of Hollywood.”

Donna Tryfman, defending the defendant, requested the jury to consider whether or not the offenses “resulted from thoughtful and calculated thought.”

During her closing statement, she told the jury, “… All of this invites itself to something rash…”

The defense attorney for Rodas asked the jury to acquit her client of first-degree murder, arguing that her client had no way of knowing that a single stab wound would have been enough to kill Fallin.

According to her, there is insufficient evidence to indicate that Rodas was the one who attacked the surviving man and that he intended to kill him. She also cited a “lack of the proof” in regards to the attempted murder accusations, which she said were motivated by a desire to frame Rodas.

Before the judgement by the California Supreme Court that ultimately led to Rodas’ conviction being reversed, he was serving a life sentence without the chance of release. The prosecution decided against retrying the case due to the special circumstance charge of murder while laying in wait.

The California Supreme Court ruled that the defendant had a psychiatric history dating back to at least 1974, when he was treated in an Army hospital for a psychiatric condition at the age of 19, leading to his medical discharge from the military.

After doing time for burglary in jail in 1988, Rodas was placed under the guardianship of state hospitals Atascadero and Patton for his mental health. According to the court’s decision, he suffers from substance addiction and schizoaffective illness along with paranoid schizophrenia.

After Rodas’ previous attorney raised reasonable doubt about his client’s mental fitness in March 2014, the trial court “erred in failing to postpone the criminal trial and commence competency procedures,” as the California Supreme Court put it.

A guy has been given a life sentence for killing a homeless man and assaulted two others. The news first aired on Hey SoCal. Our goal is transformation.

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