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Man Killed by Sf Police After Reportedly Killing His 76-year-old Mom and Dog

Man Killed by Sf Police After Reportedly Killing His 76-year-old Mom and Dog

On Thursday, police in San Francisco shot and killed a 37-year-old man who was suspected of killing his mother, who was 76, and the family dog. After 2:30 in the morning, police were called to a residence in the 700 block of 31st Avenue, close to Washington High School.

The guy allegedly approached the officer and the 84-year-old victim while brandishing a knife while they were chatting at the doorway. The suspect was shot by the cop and proclaimed dead at the hospital. A 76-year-old woman and a dog were both discovered deceased inside the house by police.

The male victim, aged 84, was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is currently looking into the homicides, and a town hall meeting will be held within the next 10 days to discuss the tragedy.

The tweet below verifies the news:

“It’s upsetting for all of us, it’s upsetting for the community, the neighborhood, the officers, especially the officers that responded to the scene and had to deal with such a horrendous event,” Officer Eve Laokwansathitaya said. Connie Chan, the supervisor, issued the following statement:

Early this morning I was informed of an officer-involved shooting that occurred in the Richmond District. This is a tragic incident, and together we mourn the loss of life. When one household is hurt, our entire community is impacted. My heart and thoughts are with the family.”

“We are expecting more details of the incident to be released to the public as the investigation continues to unfold. I’m in close communication with our Police Department and Richmond District Police Station, our shared goal will continue to drive us working together to ensure the Richmond is safe.”

Effie Bountouvas claims she has known the elderly couple for over 30 years as her next-door neighbors. “She (the victim) was like a sister to me. She was a wonderful person, may she rest in peace,” said Bountouvas. Bountouvas still has no idea what went down.

“It’s a tragic thing to happen,” said Bountouvas. “It’s really a shame because it was a beautiful family. A beautiful family. Beautiful neighbors.”

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