Southwest Fresno Gunfire Results in the Death of a Man and the Arrest of Potential Suspects

The Fresno Police Department is looking into a fatal shooting that occurred in the city’s Southwest. At about 5:15 p.m. on Sunday, police were summoned to the intersection of California Avenue and Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard on an allegation of brandishing.

Multiple bullets rang out as police officers were making their way to the scene. Police arrived to Zack’s Market, where alcoholic beverages were purchased. Upon police arrival, witnesses described a white vehicle that had just left the parking lot as the suspect vehicle.

After a P.I.T. maneuver near Church and Walnut Avenues, police claim they were able to stop the vehicle and detain two people inside. The police said a gun was tossed out of the car during the pursuit and later found.

Man Killed, Possible Suspects in Custody
Man Killed, Possible Suspects in Custody

The police think a second gun was thrown from the car as well, but they haven’t found it yet. Officers discovered a man who had been shot outside of Zack’s Market. A hospital was called, and the man in his forties was pronounced dead there. The man’s true identity remains unknown.

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