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Man Kills Hostage at California Park After Wounding Officer

Man Kills Hostage at California Park After Wounding Officer

Man Kills Hostage at California Park After Wounding Officer

After a shooting at Mahany Park that killed one person and hurt three others, including the suspect, the mayor and city manager of Roseville talked about how they felt and how thankful they were.

Around 12:30 p.m., shots were fired at Mahany Park in the western part of Roseville, where California Highway Patrol officers were trying to serve an arrest warrant for a suspect.

One of the CHP officers was shot, and as the person who did it ran away while still holding a gun, they took two people, hostage. According to the Roseville Police Department, the suspect shot both of the hostages. He killed one and hurt the other, but neither of their injuries was life-threatening.

Roseville Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt said, “On behalf of the Roseville City Council and City employees, we offer our support and condolences to the victims, their families, everyone who saw this terrible thing happen, and those who helped.”

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What do You need to Know About Mahany Park, Where the Shooting in Roseville Happened?

Mahany Park is over 200 acres and is the biggest park in Roseville. It has a library, an aquatic center, nature trails, an athletic complex, several ballfields, a dog park, and more.

The Roseville Police Department says that at least 30 kids were in different public buildings at the time of the shooting, where they were taking part in spring break activities.

“I want to thank the people who work in parks maintenance, the library, and recreation for moving quickly to tell people at the playground and lock our buildings. “We train for this kind of thing, but we really hope we never have to use it,” said Dominick Casey, the city manager of Roseville.

What We Know About the Shooting in Roseville’s Mahany Park

After the suspect was caught, several public buildings, including the nearby Woodcreek High School, were put on lockdown for several hours while police secured the scene.

The city and the Roseville Joint Unified High School District said that no one on their staff or in the public who used their facilities was hurt in the shooting.

After the lockdowns were over, the city moved all the kids to Quail Glen Elementary School, which is about a mile north of Mahany Park. Their parents picked them up there.

“Roseville is known as a safe and caring community where people look out for each other,” Houdesheldt said next in his statement. “We are at our strongest and best in times like these.”

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