Man, Lady, 3 Kids Shot Dead in Cecil County Home

The sheriff of Cecil County, Maryland, broke his silence on the terrible find made by his deputies at around 9:30 a.m. on Friday. The deaths of a man, a wife, and three children were discovered in a house in a quiet cul-de-sac in Elk Mills. They were in the 5th, 7th, and 8th classes, according to the police, who did not specify the exact ages. The five victims were all shot.

Because the man’s next of kin hadn’t been contacted, Sheriff Scott Adams told WJZ that he was restricted in what he could say. Sheriff Adams has stated, “We are aggressively attempting to find that motive but right now we don’t have it.”

There has been no history of calls to police from the Hebron Court residence, and police have not found any warning signs.
Just after 9 a.m., a guy dialed 911 to report the killings, which led officers directly to the scene.

“The time spent was minimal. When we called back to the residence, the line was unanswered and the caller hung up “At a press conference, a deputy made the following statement.

The bodies of one were discovered in the garage, another on the ground floor, and three on the second floor. For a short while, all area schools were placed on lockdown.

The police claim that they found a semi-automatic handgun near to the suspect and are still searching the area and seizing evidence.

Lt. Michael Holmes stated that no further weapons were found inside the home. Emergency personnel have received counseling services. The trauma was addressed by the sheriff to the community as a whole.

For Sheriff Adams, calls from worried and angry citizens have been nonstop. “A loss of this magnitude is tragic no matter the circumstances, but it is especially unusual in Cecil County. It’s an awful tragedy that takes a long time for most people to come to terms with.”

The “prayers for everybody involved in this who reacted or may have had some involvement in this,” he said.

Several nearby schools were put on high alert after the 911 call, but police have assured the public that there is no imminent danger. According to them, it’s still “too early” to determine whether or not this was a murder-suicide. According to the sheriff, the “large crime scene” necessitates the involvement of the Maryland State Police.

A dog and two cats were taken away by Animal Control.

One of the neighbors has confirmed to WJZ that there is a family living there. He estimated that they had been there for almost two years.

“They were a great, gorgeous family,” he gushed. The kids used to take the pets with them on walks, and he remembered that.

“You can tell they had a good time here because of all the toys they brought. For them, it was a fresh start “This is what he had to say, he explained.

The locals were taken aback.

“Everything I know is that five people were shot and murdered. That’s awful, “a man informed WJZ. Hearing news helicopters prompted him to drive there.

The residents of the small town in Cecil County, Maryland, just miles from the state line with Delaware, sensed something was very wrong when their usually peaceful street became very busy.

“I arrived at 9:30 a.m. and watched the police arrive. Seeing the yellow tape meant immediately that someone had left “The neighbor said it to WJZ.

A neighbor who lives at the other end of the house where the bodies were found told WJZ that he often saw the children playing outside, suggesting that they may have been homeschooled.

“We share a wall with them; they’re my neighbors. They brought their dog and used to spend a lot of time playing in this area. But beyond that, I know very little; all I know is that they’re gone “It was his words. People in the area are understandably frightened as they await an explanation for what just occurred.

The loss of five persons is “extremely terrible around here,” as one local put it. Insane, right?

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