Man Rescued By Coast Guard Was Wanted In Goonies Fish Incident

Man Rescued By Coast Guard Was Wanted In Goonies Fish Incident: A boat capsized off the coast of the Pacific Northwest on Friday as a result of waves, prompting the daring rescue by the U.S. Coast Guard.

According to crews, an urgent call for a rescue was made on Friday at the Columbia River mouth while they were engaged in a training exercise.

At the Washington–Oregon border’s STA Cape Disappointment, emergency lifeboats were dispatched, and air personnel discovered the boat drifting in the surf.

Coast Guard responds to rescue in the Pacific Northwest in “hazardous” conditions

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, “the waves made rescue by boat dangerous; therefore, the aircrew chose to descend the rescue swimmer and have the owner enter the ocean for rescue.”

The boat capsized due to the dangerous surf when the savior swam to it.

According to the Coast Guard, the passenger on the boat was saved, securely transported by helicopter, and given medical attention.

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