Man Shoots Three Rivals Dead in Pigeon-racing Dispute

Portuguese police told news outlets that a man shot and killed three other people after they got into a fight about pigeon racing.

Publico, a Portuguese newspaper, says that all four men lived in Setbal, which is about 30 miles southeast of Lisbon. They raced homing pigeons, which is a sport where specially trained homing birds are set free.

The suspect, a middle-aged man, and the three victims were rivals in pigeon racing. Their disagreement was about the birds and the illegal planting of vegetable patches, the news source said.

RTP Notcias, a Portuguese news source, says that on April 29, the suspect shot and killed three men, then turned the gun on himself before the police came.

The outlet says that the event is now being looked into.

The city’s police commissioner, Andreia Goncalves, told the Associated Press that the killing was “an isolated incident.”

The outlet says that Portugal has strict gun rules, but that guns can be legally bought for hunting.

When McClatchy News asked the Setbal police for a response, they didn’t get back to us.

Articles from Publico and RTP Noticias were turned into English with the help of Google Translate.

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