Man Who Had His Teeth Filed Down Kidnapped And Sexually Assaulted A Woman For 3 Weeks

Police in Michigan has taken custody of a 36-year-old man with filed-down teeth after learning that he kidnapped a helpless woman, assaulted her sexually for three weeks, and threatened to “tear out her neck” if she didn’t comply with his orders.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson provided troubling details about the case that resulted in the arrest of Michael Barajas, 36, on December 8.

During the duration of the victim’s three-week incarceration, according to Swanson, Barajas threatened to bite her and rip out her throat and had filed his teeth down to points.

Swanson claimed that a young pregnant woman in her early 20s had been expelled from her home the week before Thanksgiving. When Barajas saw the defenseless woman alone and going down the street, he stopped his automobile. He provided her with a hot shower, some food, and a place to stay.

Unaware that she would spend the next three weeks being repeatedly raped and trafficked, the victim agreed.

When the two got to the run-down house, Barajas allegedly tied her to a bed and confined her in a room. According to Genesee officials, the rope was present at the scene. All of the windows in the house were bolted shut, and the victims’ room had an exterior deadbolt.

Police claim that in addition to frequently sexually assaulting and trafficking the pregnant woman, Barajas invited other persons to do the same.

She was tied tightly to the bed while they abused her, and “this person exploited the opportunity to not only sexually assault her but also have individuals come over and traffic her,” Swanson said.

Swanson claimed that the woman made three attempts to leave the locked room.

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She attempted to flee during an exchange the first time, but Barajas and the other suspects pursued her, fired at her, and dragged her back to the bedroom.

She was apprehended after a second failed escape attempt. On December 8, the victim experienced a pregnancy-related medical emergency, and the nurses on duty saw that she need immediate assistance.

Swanson claimed that Barajas continuously threatened to bite her with his razor-sharp fangs while she was confined at the house.

Swanson reported that Barajas had threatened to bite her neck and rip out her throat if she didn’t comply with all of his instructions.

The sheriff then displayed a picture of Barajas’ teeth, which appeared to have been filed to sharp points.

By meeting her need for shelter, Barajas, according to Swanson, groomed the woman and even coerced her into writing a letter in which she referred to him as “her daddy.”

“He is a monster, this guy. I’ll stop here; if you observe the teeth that have been filed down and the threatening to rip out a throat, “said he.

Police conducted a raid on the home and detained Barajas after the nurses informed them of the woman’s situation. He was charged with various offenses, including human trafficking, kidnapping, sexual assault, possession of methamphetamine, and ecstasy, among others.

Barajas is due in court for a probable cause conference on December 22 and is currently being held in jail on a $250,000 bond ($35,000 bond for each charge).

According to the sheriff, the investigation is still ongoing and police are looking for information that could lead them to the other suspects. Call 911 or 810-257-3422 if you have any information on the crime or any individuals who may have been associated with Barajas.

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