Man Who Hurled White Claw Can At Ted Cruz Wanted Senator To “Chug” It

A lawyer for the guy who hurled a can of White Claw at Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz says his client insists he just meant for Cruz to drink the whole thing.

During the Houston Astros’ celebratory parade after winning the World Series, Joseph Halm Arcidiacono, 33, is accused of hurling two cans at Cruz. He is now facing criminal charges for his actions. Cans are seen flying at Cruz, hitting him on the arm, and then bodyguards start pointing towards Arcidiacono in the crowd. However, the defendant’s attorneys insist their client never intended to harm Cruz.

Political violence is never appropriate, stated attorney Bill Stradley in a public statement. “Neither political violence nor ‘aggravated assault with a lethal weapon’ describes what occurred during the procession. Instead, it was only an Astros fan who, during the Senator’s title parade, tried to throw beers from his cooler to him without comprehending the response he would get from security.”

Before Arcidiacono offered his explanation, Cruz said on a podcast that he thinks the cans were thrown at him with the purpose to injure him. When asked if Cruz believed Arcidiacono’s fresh allegations, his staff did not immediately answer.

Cruz commended the police for their prompt reaction and made fun of Arcidiacono for having a “noodle arm” in the aftermath of the incident.

Spectators can be heard booing and one person can be seen flashing the senator the middle finger on video taken at one point along the march route.


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