California Gas station manager fired for 69-cent-a-gallon error

The gas station manager in Northern California who fixed the price of gas at 69 cents has been sacked.

John Szczecin, the former manager of a Rancho Cordova Shell station, made a rounding error on June 9 that resulted in 90 percent off-the gas for a brief period.

He informed KOVR that he accidentally messed up the decimal for premium petrol when he was establishing the gas pricing that day. On that day, drivers who went by the store or who heard about the sale on social media were treated to an excellent price: a $6.99 per gallon.

However, “the last one kind of didn’t work out, you know, right,” he explained to KOVR in an interview.
The gas station lost $16,000 as a result of his mistake, and he lost his job as a result.

For the first time since the incident had occurred, “I just accepted full responsibility for the situation,” the narrator explained.

Szczecin may or may not have to reimburse the corporation for his error. SFGATE’s request for comment from Shell was not immediately returned.

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