Marist College Dad Murder: Visitor Tells Frightening Morning, Calls For Increased Campus Security

A Pennsylvania father who was staying at the same Marrist Courtyard hotel where a homeless convicted felon reportedly shot and killed another father on Sunday expressed increased fears for the safety of his daughter after the incident.

John Bucsek said on Wednesday for Fox News Digital, “You feel so horrible for that family.” You would never expect anything like that to occur.

Marist College Dad Murder: New York Marriott Visitor Tells Frightening Morning, Calls For Increased Campus Security
Marist College Dad Murder: New York Marriott Visitor Tells Frightening Morning, Calls For Increased Campus Security

On the weekend, Bucsek was staying at the Courtyard Marrist in Poughkeepsie, New York, when a shooter opened fire in the lobby, killing another parent from Marist.

Poughkeepsie police detained Devin Taylor, 26, and Roy Johnson Jr., 35, at the scene. Paul Kutz, 53, was brought to the hospital, but he later died there.

“We were totally ignorant that there had been a couple shootings in Poughkeepsie,” Bucsek added. Simply said, “We know it as a riverside town.”

He said that he had been located too far away to have heard the continuous “bang, bang, bang, bang, boom.” There was a bustle that I only just noticed.

He was worried for his daughter since her room was on the outside of school and the recent shooting at a nearby hotel.

Students “forget the room key, prop the door open, and most individuals leave their dorm rooms unsecured throughout the day,” he said, referring to the lack of security in the building. More safety measures are required there.

It had been predicted to rain, but Bucsek stated the day before the shooting, the clouds parted and it was a gorgeous day on campus.

“We’re part of a Facebook group for parents, and they’re all moaning about how miserable the weather will be this weekend. A monsoon is imminent “A statement he made. Thank God it didn’t rain on Saturday because it was a huge success.

He praised the school’s picturesque grounds and intimate atmosphere, saying that it was surprising for such a huge institution.

According to Bucsek, he, his wife, and his Pomeranian stayed on the floor below the two suspects, and he thinks he saw one of them, Kutz, sipping coffee in the lobby the day before.

After seeing his likeness, he said, “I was sure I saw him in the lobby the day before.” “I usually hang around in the lobby about that time. On Sunday morning, I made up my mind to remain home and read.”

While Bucsek was engaged in this activity, he supposedly became aware of a noise outside, prompting his dog to get too excited and begin barking and leaping around. He said that cops were at the motel within minutes. Bucsek claims that he learned about the probable shooting via word of mouth only minutes before stumbling onto the SWAT unit in the parking lot.

Before Kutz’s murder, police say Johnson had been avoiding interrogation in another killing that occurred on August 9, when Darren Villani, 28, was fatally shot in his automobile near the junction of Mansion Street and Bement Avenue. In addition to years served in a New York state prison for robbery and burglary, he had an outstanding warrant out of Georgia related to drug and handgun offenses. A previous burglary conviction led to a jail term for Taylor.

Johnson’s detention without bail has been authorized. Court documents reveal that Taylor was ordered detained on $1 million bail after being charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm for carrying a loaded gun without a serial number. The hotel room the guys were staying in allegedly had bomb-making supplies and instructions.

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