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Maryland Couple Gets 40 Years for Chopping Down Roommate in Pieces

Maryland Couple Gets 40 Years for Chopping Down Roommate in Pieces

Maryland Couple Gets 40 Years for Chopping Down Roommate in Pieces

A man and a woman who killed and cut up their former roommate in 2017 and were sent from Arizona to Maryland in 2022 were each given 40 years in jail.

In a news release, Maryland State’s Attorney Anne Colt Leitess said that after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, Christina Harnish, also known as Christina Stallings, and William Rice got the highest sentence on Friday.

The Associated Press says that Megan Tilman and her old mother lived with Rice and Harnish in Annapolis, Maryland, in the fall of 2017. Both of them had gotten money from Tilman and her mother. Prosecutors said that she went missing after Tilman stopped giving the two of them money.

The state’s attorney’s office said that Tilman’s ex-husband told them he got some strange text messages and saw some strange social media posts. He saw that Tilman’s text messages and posts on social media were different from the way he usually talked to people.

The AP says that in October 2017, parts of Tilman’s body washed up on the shore near Shady Side.

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The Baltimore Sun said that it took about 18 months for Tilman’s body parts to be discovered as hers.

The newspaper said that public defender Anne Stewart-Hill said that Harnish had a three-way connection with Rice and Tilman after she got out of a bad relationship. The cops and prosecutors both thought that the two were taking advantage of Tilman, who was “intellectually disabled.”

The state’s attorney’s office said that the police tied Harnish and Rice to Tilman’s stolen car. Around the time that Tilman went missing, Rice was seen taking her car to ATMs. Harnish put up pictures of herself driving the car to find a new home for a pet. The car was found in the end at a bus station.

The office of the state’s attorney said that Rice and Harnish left Maryland and went to Arizona. In 2022, they were finally caught and sent back to Maryland.

Glen Neubauer, who is an assistant state’s attorney in Maryland, said that Tilman’s money was used to pay for the two people’s trip to Arizona. The AP says that they lived there for about four years in a camp for homeless people before they were caught and sent back to Maryland. The lawyers for the two people said that they had a deadly fight with Tilman because they had been drinking and using crack cocaine.

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“Megan was a vulnerable young woman who was killed by two people she trusted and who worked their way into her life and took advantage of her financially,” Leitess said in the news release. “Her family has been waiting a long time for answers about this crime, and I hope that today’s sentence will end the nightmare of the unsolved murders of a beloved daughter and mother.”

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