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Masika Kalysha Net Worth 2022: Why Did Yung Berg Attack Her?

Masika Kalysha Net Worth

Masika Kalysha Net Worth

 Masika Kalysha is an American reality television star, model, and actress who hails from the United States. The roles she played as a supporting cast member on the reality programs “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” on VH1 and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” on We TV brought her the most attention and made her a household name. The following statement concerns the anticipated Masika Kalysha Net Worth. There has been a lot of talk about Masika Kalysha Net Worth. More information about Masika Kalysha ‘s money woes may be found here. Masika Kalysha due to his recent commercial success, Masika Kalysha Net Worth is the subject of much speculation. Masika Kalysha’s financial situation is discussed further here.

Masika Kalysha Early Life

The schoolwork that Masika Kalysha has completed can be viewed here. Most individuals wish to know about the education level of their favourite person. Fans love to keep up with their favourite celebrities and receive ideas about what they do, how they act, what they know, and other things. Detailed information regarding her academic background can be found here. It’s not always easy to track down the data you need

Masika was born in Chicago on June 7, 1985, and her full name is Masika Kalysha Tucker. Her parents brought her and her two older siblings to this country from Africa and Europe, where they were born. She has roots in both Africa and Europe. Masika went to Mount Zion High School for her high school education. In 2003, she graduated from high school and got her diploma. Because she wasn’t very good at school, her father told her that instead of going to college, she should become an actor.

In August 2011, she moved to Los Angeles, California, so she could work as an actor and model there. Her last place of residence was in New York City. Because it was so hard to find work in Hollywood, she had to look for work elsewhere in order to make ends meet.

Her first job in Los Angeles was as a hostess. After a while, she started getting job offers in the modelling industry. She was a model for the music videos of several well-known musicians, such as Walka Flocka, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Birdman, and others. Masika was also in the music video for the hip hop group Field Mob’s song “So What,” which came out in 2005.

Masika Kalysha Career

In terms of her career, Kalysha has been in a few music videos, such as Field Mob’s “Si What” from 2005, and she made her acting debut in the movie Three Can Play That Game (2006). It is important to distinguish her latest single, “Andale,” which features Fetty Wap, from her two previous singles, “No More” and “Hella Hollywood,” which were both released in the early spring of 2015.

When Kalysha released the single “My Own” in the fall of 2016, it was about her relationship with Fetty Wap. She also sings about their relationship in the single “OHHH3X,” which she released in the fall of 2017. If you click on the link, you’ll find more information about the wealth of other prominent people, such as Bruce Buffer, Jann Wenner, Tony KhanAlex Honnold

Khari Barbie Beauty is a line of vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free cosmetics that Kalysha created on December 17, 2016, after being inspired by her daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell. There are lip scrubs, lip pencils, lipstick tubes, and supplements for hair growth in the line.

Masika Kalysha Personal Life

Masika, Mally Mall, and Miss Nikki Baby were all interested in Masika during the first season of Love & Hip Hop. Miss Nikki Baby was the third person in the triangle. Then she got caught up in a second love triangle, this time with Yung Berg and Hazel E.

In November 2014, it was said that Yung Berg, a reality star, rapper, and producer, had attacked Tucker. Tucker was hurt in this supposed attack. Also, Kalysha and Hazel E were fighting right up until the time that both of them showed up on the show. She also had a fight with Alexis Skky, who was Fetty Wap’s girlfriend at the time.

As of August 2020, it looks like Masika is not in a romantic relationship with anyone and is probably not dating anyone. She might be waiting for the one man who would make her fall in love with him in just a few minutes.

Masika Kalysha Net Worth

Masika Kalysha Net Worth is $400 thousand. Masika is well-known for her role as a regular cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood on VH1. Yung Berg’s girlfriend Masika is a video vixen who has been in over eighty music videos.

Rapper, producer, and reality sensation Yung Berg allegedly assaulted Tucker in November 2014. Berg claims he did not mistreat Masika, while Tucker claims the whole thing was exaggerated. Tucker was questioned about the incident and stated that Berg did not assault her or knock her out. Masika is also involved in a quarrel with fellow cast member Hazel E. Tucker was arrested for alleged shoplifting in 2006.

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