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Matt Kaulig Net Worth: How Did He Build His Fortune?

Matt Kaulig Net Worth

Matt Kaulig Net Worth

Matt Kaulig has established a vast network of companies. Kaulig started LeafFilter Gutter Protection in his basement in 2005. The biggest gutter protection business in North America is called LeafFilter. The business announced a growth in May 2021, adding new office sites, bringing its total number of locations to 117 in the United States and Canada.

In addition, Kaulig is the head of his family business, Kaulig Companies Limited, which manages several holdings in addition to Kaulig Capital, a private investment company. So, how much money is Kaulig worth?

Matt Kaulig Net Worth

Matt Kaulig Net Worth is Between $5 Million to $7 Million currently. The two main brands of the Kaulig family office are LeafFilter and Leaf Home Safety Solutions. You may prevent roof damage, rotting wood, basement floods, and damage to your home’s foundation by using LeafFilter’s gutter protection.

The direct-to-consumer home products company claims that it has already provided service to more than 1,000,000 pleased consumers across North America and that some of its products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Overall, Leaf Home Safety Solutions is focused on preparing houses for the security of senior adults as they age and become less mobile. The business may install walk-in tubs, stairlifts, vertical lifts, and walk-in shower solutions in a client’s house.

Leaf Home Water Solutions opened a fifth site in Cleveland, Ohio in 2021 (the company’s first four were in Florida).

According to Yahoo, Leaf Home earned a staggering $1.4 billion in revenue in 2021 and was listed as the second-best remodeler in 2022 on Qualified Remodeler’s 44th annual Top 500 remodelers of 2022.

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Who is Matt Kaulig’s Wife?

At the University of Akron, where she was a cheerleader and he played football, they met and got married. Their names are Kaulig and Lisa. They reside in Ohio and have a daughter. The family office has had great success and is very wealthy.

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