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Medford Man Charged With Murder After Missing Pair Discovered Dead in Storage Unit

Medford Man Charged With Murder After Missing Pair Discovered Dead in Storage Unit

Medford Man Charged With Murder After Missing Pair Discovered Dead in Storage Unit

A married couple’s brutally stabbed bodies were found in storage bins, and a Medford man is going to be charged with murder on Tuesday.

Pavel Vekshin, 28, and Kiryl Schukin, 37, were found dead in a storage unit in Brighton last week. Leonid Volkov, 37, of Medford, was charged with their murders. Vekshin and Schukin were last seen at the end of March. Friends and coworkers reported them missing on April 9th.

Marian Ryan, the Middlesex District Attorney, said that Schukin and Vekshin’s bodies were found in a unit at the iStorage building on North Beacon St. in Brighton on Friday.

“Investigators went to that Brighton storage unit that Mr. Volkov rented under the name of Mr. Schukin and carried out a search warrant,” Ryan said at a press conference over the weekend. “When they go into the unit, they find both men’s bodies in rubber storage bins.”

Ryan said that in the storage room, investigators also found bleach, gloves, and other things.

Ryan said, “The investigation shows that both men died from multiple knife wounds.” “The body of the man who was said to be Mr. Schukin had been cut up and put in several of these bins,” the police said.

Ryan said the killings weren’t random and that the suspect knew the people who were killed. She said that Schukin was a guarantee on Volkov’s lease, which meant that if Volkov couldn’t pay his rent, Schukin would.

The Last Schukin Was Seen Living Was on March 29

“Because of a disagreement, Mr. Schukin decided not to stay in that job,” Ryan said. “Because Mr. Volkov refused, he was being kicked out of that apartment.”

Ryan said that the last time Schukin was seen living was on March 29, when he was seen talking with Volkov in the cab of a rented U-Haul truck.

“We found out later that a man named Mr. Volkov was seen on video entering and leaving the victims’ apartment building over the next few days,” Ryan said. “Later, police found the same U-Haul truck at the same Brighton storage facility where the bodies were found.”

The tweet below confirms the news:

Ryan also said that Volkov used that truck to move things from the apartment of the victims to a storage unit.

Volkov is charged with murder, but Ryan said there will be more charges.

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