Meet The 80 Year Old California Store Owner Who Shot Robber Dies

Meet The 80 Year Old California Store Owner Who Shot Robber Dies: Northo, California The owner of a liquor store in Southern California who shot at a would-be-armed robber this summer with a shotgun and wounded him has passed away, the store said on Tuesday. He was 80 years old.

According to a Facebook post, a memorial service for Craig Cope will be conducted at Norco Market & Liquor at a later time. Craig Cope passed away on Tuesday morning. A cause of death was not stated.

On July 31, just before 3 a.m., in Norco, Riverside County, Cope was working alone at the counter when a man in a ski mask burst through the door, brandishing a weapon and ordering: “Hands in the air! Hands up in the air! Cope can be seen firing one shot from the shotgun on surveillance footage.

Gunman escaped. He was heard yelling “He shot my arm off, he shot my arm off!” as he got into a car and was driven away by security cameras outside the store.

“I had no time to feel fear.” “Cope told KTTV-TV that after the car with the four criminals came into the parking lot, several of the bandits emerged carrying weapons and donning masks and gloves.

One thief entered the building through the door brandishing what Cope thought was a semiautomatic rifle.

“The rifle was pointed squarely at me by the man. either he or I, “To the station, Cope spoke.

Later, at a hospital where the injured suspect was receiving medical attention, four guys were detained. Authorities claimed that the getaway vehicle had stolen guns that had been taken in Las Vegas.

The Sheriff’s Department praised Cope. The shooting’s video made him famous. People gathered at the store to buy merchandise, including a T-shirt with the motto “Don’t Mess with Norco, We’ll shoot your arm off,” according to KABC-TV. They also came to picture and congratulate him.

The business had been run by Cope since 1976. He had a heart attack after the shooting, but he survived and went back to work until suffering a stroke that rendered him permanently disabled in October.

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