Meizu M3 Pro High-Res Music Player Teased; To Launch in 2023

Meizu M3 Pro High-Res Music Player Teased; To Launch in 2023: The Chinese manufacturer Meizu has announced its upcoming lineup of products and activities, which will culminate in a release in the spring of 2023. The firm discussed the high-resolution music player, known as the Meizu M3 Pro, at an event that was held in China.

The Meizu M3 Pro is scheduled to be released in the year 2023. The teaser focuses on a few of the cutting-edge music device’s most amazing capabilities as a Hi-Fi system.

The portable music player known as the M3 Pro features a design that is integrated and does not include breakpoints. It retains the traditional look of the Music Card, as well as the interactive mBack button that was previously available.

According to the manufacturer, the newest Meizu high-resolution music player is also more intuitive to use.

The Meizu music player is crafted from high-quality materials like glass and aluminum for its design. It features the H1 Hi-Fi decoding chip, which was designed by Meizu and provides great audio output. It supports up to 11.2MHz oversampling and has 1-bit decoding, so you can have a completely immersive experience with the music you’re listening to.

The FlymeSound Classic Meizu acoustics are responsible for the initial tuning of the instrument.

The piece of hardware will be equipped with a display and 128 GB of storage space on the device’s internal memory. You can also link the device to your smartphones, personal computers, or vehicles in order to get a high-quality audio output.

It is anticipated that Meizu would introduce the M3 Pro in the first quarter of 2023. It is now still in the process of being developed and going forward, we anticipate receiving more information regarding the item in question.

Even though the teaser only shows us a few glances at the finished product, it still manages to give us a sense of what it will be like. In addition, Meizu informed the market that it will not be continuing production of the Meizu 19 Series.

Rather, the Meizu 20 series will be presented. According to Meizu, the testing phase for the new lineup has already begun. After that, it is scheduled to enter mass production, and its release is anticipated for the first quarter of 2023.

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