Melissa Gilbert Death: Is She Really Dead Or Was It Just A Rumor?

A recent report claimed that Melissa Gilbert had passed away, making her the most recent high-profile victim of an internet death hoax. The rumor first started circulating about Jerry Lee Lewis exactly one day before the news came out.

Who Is Melissa Gilbert?

An American actress and director named Melissa Gilbert have a $500k net worth. Together, she and fellow actor Timothy Busfield, her husband since 2013, has a net worth of that amount.

Melissa has recently had both personal and financial difficulties. She has dealt with tax problems as a result of a pricey divorce and a cooled career. The article that follows has more information on these topics.

Melissa Gilbert started out as a child actress in the late 1960s. When she began playing author Laura Ingalls Wilder on the NBC historical drama television series “Little House on the Prairie,” she landed her breakout role. Gilbert later entered politics in 2016 as a Democrat competing for the 8th congressional district of Michigan.

David and Kathy Gilbert welcomed Melissa Gilbert into the world on May 8, 1964, in Los Angeles, California. She was placed for adoption right away, and Paul Gilbert and his wife, Barbara Crane, who is also an actress, adopted her the next day.

Gilbert’s adoptive parents split up when she was eight years old. Following their marriage, her mother had a daughter named Sara with Harold Abeles. Jonathan, who was adopted by her parents, is Gilbert’s other sibling. Gilbert’s adoptive father committed suicide when she was 11 years old. Her mother and stepfather later got divorced.

Gilbert made her feature film debut in 1967’s Don Knotts comedy “The Reluctant Astronaut.” It wasn’t until 1985 that she made another appearance on the big screen, as a young horse trainer in the family drama “Sylvester.”

Since then, Gilbert hasn’t done much work in the movie industry; among her, few credits are the drama “Guest Artist” and the direct-to-video romantic comedy “Safe Harbour.”

Gilbert defeated Valerie Harper in the 2001 Screen Actors Guild presidential election after a contentious race. In 2003, she defeated Kent McCord and won reelection. Gilbert then decided against running for a third term.

Melissa Gilbert Death: Is She Really Dead Or Was It Just A Rumor?

Gilbert declared her campaign for the US House of Representatives in the summer of 2015, intending to represent Michigan’s 8th congressional district. Nevertheless, after winning the primary and emerging as the presumed Democratic contender for the district, she had to halt her campaign in the spring of 2016 owing to health problems.

Melissa Gilbert Death: A Rumor?

The claims made in a number of videos on YouTube that Gilbert had been killed in a car accident caused concern among her devoted audience. They even commented on the same topic on several social media platforms. However, Gilbert is still around and in good health, and the information that is shown in those films is not accurate in any way.

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Some of Melissa’s devoted followers hesitated to accept the news that she had passed away, arguing that social media platforms ought to verify such information before disseminating it to the general public.

YouTube channels such as Allan Radio, Nene Star News, Deceased Celebrities, and Celebs Kids News have reported the news of her death. The actual source of where the reports first emerged is still unknown; nonetheless, it is known that she passed away.

It should be brought to everyone’s attention that in the past, Allan Radio has been the target of public wrath for distributing false information regarding the deaths of several well-known celebrities.

The friends and family members of Melissa Gilbert have not disclosed or confirmed any information on her passing. In the event that something of that effect had a place, they would have issued an official announcement.

Activity on Melissa Gilbert’s social media accounts provides evidence that she is still alive. Her most recent post came approximately a few hours ago, and it contained a picture of her dog along with the caption “I’m back in New York City!”

Before the election on November 8, 2022, Gilbert had already disseminated the Voter’s Guide for Pro-Choice Recommendations on Twitter.

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