Melissa Towne’s Tomball Neighbors Called Police Before The Murder

Nichole, a little girl of five, is shown in photographs as cheerful and carefree, but the trauma she experienced is unfathomable.

Melissa Towne is accused of bringing her to the woods of Spring Creek Park on Sunday, slitting her throat with a knife, and smothering her daughter.

Melissa Towne's Tomball Neighbors Called Police Before The Murder
Melissa Towne’s Tomball Neighbors Called Police Before The Murder

When the knife failed to kill Nichole, she allegedly strangled her for almost thirty minutes, as was testified to in court.

Despite her protests, Nichole’s mother eventually gave in when she begged, “I’ve been nice.”

According to documentation, the mother told her child to “stop fighting it.”

She then sat on top of her kid, Towne alleged, covering her mouth with her palm and putting a garbage bag over her head. The sheriff claims she brought her to the hospital to get rid of her.

Towne allegedly admitted to the murder of her daughter, citing the latter’s “evil” nature and said she “didn’t want to cope with her longer.”

Relatives have said that Nichole was living with her father.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, they said:

Nichole’s father, James, and our family have asked for privacy while they mourn her tragic loss and figure out how to move forward. Nichole was loved by many, including her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and father, and none of them could have imagined that such a terrible thing could happen to such a pure and innocent child.

Towne has a history with Child Protective Services, and CPS has verified that it is conducting an investigation.

The inquiry was being handled by child protective services, and the representative claimed they could not comment more because of the statute protecting the privacy of such matters.

The police were called on Towne many times, according to one of her former neighbors.

She’s always had mental problems,” Alan Pffar stated. “She always seems to pick fights with my mailbox for no apparent reason.”

Pffar continued by saying that Towne was the reason for the installation of surveillance cameras.

Pffar said, “One time she was beating up on a vehicle.” She was striking it with a baseball bat, and it didn’t occur to me that it belonged to her.

ABC13 has been told by reliable sources that Nichole and her father spent some time in Magnolia with the former’s father and stepmother. The residents of Nichole’s peaceful neighborhood said they took turns watching out for her.

‘He was begging for assistance, and whenever we could, we would all help,’ a neighbor who asked to remain nameless said. We all knew something was wrong, and she just wanted the best for her kid, so we did everything we could to keep her away. But I can’t picture somebody doing that to a child, and when you find out it’s someone you know, and particularly a precious little baby, it rips your heart.

CPS reports that Towne has three more kids between the ages of 2 and 18. They have found refuge with other members of the family.

Nihcole was, however, her father’s sole child.

From what we hear, he’s had legal custody of her since she was born. Nicole’s aunt, Amber Bradshaw, also took care of her for nearly a year.

Bradshaw told ABC13, “He loved and breathed for her. When it occurred, it devastated my heart just as much as his.” She’s not worthy of this treatment.

Eventually, Bradshaw exploded at her niece’s mother.

Why is the ultimate issue. All I want to know is why she said it.

Towne is being held on a $15 million bail after being charged with first-degree murder.


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