State Police Stop A 14-year-old In Mercer County And Find A Dead Man Who Had Been Shot

The body of a 71-year-old man was discovered in Mercer County, Ohio after police stopped a 14-year-old kid for allegedly driving a stolen vehicle.

There were “many signs of criminal conduct,” according to the Pennsylvania State Police, both before and after the trooper stopped the kid on Interstate 80 in Findley Township last Saturday. A firearm was found in the car, the trooper stated, corroborating the boy’s story.

Mercer County Police Pull Over 14-year-old And Find Man Shot To Death
Mercer County Police Pull Over 14-year-old And Find Man Shot To Death

Police claimed they were unable to reach Larry Anderson, the van’s registered owner who lives in Euclid, Ohio, at his home number.

Ohio native Larry Anderson lives in Euclid. Brown, Tina
Ohio native Larry Anderson lives in Euclid. Ms. Tina Brown The CBS Pittsburgh affiliate has provided the following.
“The totality of the facts showed a probability that the juvenile may have used the pistol to murder the registered owner and steal his car,” police noted in a news statement.

The trooper contacted authorities in Euclid and requested that they visit the individual at his residence to ensure his safety. When cops from Euclid arrived at the 71-year-residence, old’s they reportedly discovered him dead from gunshot wounds.

The adolescent male is being kept in a detention center while other authorities launch a combined inquiry into his whereabouts. The police have not confirmed his relationship to the victim, however, he is thought to be a family member. When exactly he will be extradited back to Ohio to stand trial is unclear.

Gary Knott, the trooper who performed the stop, expressed his sorrow for the family in an exclusive interview with KDKA-TV.

“The plight of Mr. Larry Anderson and his loved ones in Ohio broke my heart. And the young man’s loved ones who were riding shotgun with me, “This, he informed us on Thursday.

He puts his success in the drug trade and his training with the state police to credit.

Knott expressed overwhelming gratitude for the outcome. “I’m very grateful that I was able to witness what I did back then.”

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