Michael Avenatti Was Given A 14-year Prison Term

The disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti was given a 14-year prison term on Monday for defrauding former clients out of millions of dollars and other financial offenses, which marked the end of the media sensation and once-omnipresent cable news presence.

After serving five years for robbing Stormy Daniels, a former client, and trying to blackmail Nike into paying $25 million, his sentence will begin to run.

Social media users mocked the media for having previously mentioned Avenatti as a potential presidential candidate with the power to unseat former President Trump as the news circulated swiftly.

Tim Young, a writer, and comedian mocked former CNN anchor Brian Stelter for once telling Avenatti that his “presence on cable news” made him a serious contender for the presidency in a tweet after sarcastically congratulating Avenatti on his additional years in prison.

Upon learning the news, Red State columnist Buzz Patterson remarked, “I’m old enough to remember when this fool was a Democrat presidential contender and @CNN lapped it up.”

Greg Price, a senior digital strategist at XStrategies, dug up a video from 2018 in which left-leaning co-host Ana Navarro of “The View” compared Avenatti to the Holy Spirit. Avenatti appeared on the program as a “guest co-host” once, and when he talked about how one of his fantasies involving handcuffs, the show’s co-host at the time, Meghan McCain, was observed looking horrified.

But not everyone approved of Avenatti’s lengthy prison term. Reason assistant editor Billy Binion referred to the judge’s choice as “crazy.”

In this country, “we are addicted to serving lengthy prison terms,” he continued.

According to the Media Research Center, Avenatti was a media star before his legal troubles and made over 250 appearances between February 2018 and 2019 on all the major cable news networks.

Avenatti made his most frequent appearances on CNN, where he was welcomed an astounding 121 times. With 108 appearances, MSNBC also had a high number of him.

He had 24 televised news appearances, including 12 on ABC, 7 on CBS, and 5 on NBC. A graphic referring to him as a “Creepy Porn Lawyer” appeared during his notable appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Avenatti frequently divulged information on television during that time, claiming to have evidence that would end the Trump administration.

He also made appearances in other significant stories, such as the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation controversy, where he was a lawyer for a client who falsely claimed Avenatti had attended gang rape parties when he was younger.

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