Michael Oher Net Worth 2022: Michael Oher Admits He Dislikes The Life-Based Film “The Blind Side”

An offensive tackle in American football is Michael Oher. The Academy Award-winning 2009 movie “The Blind Side,” starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, told Oher’s personal experience. Quinton Aaron portrayed the part of Michael.

Early Life

In Memphis, Tennessee, on May 28, 1986, Michael Oher was born. Denise Oher, an alcoholic and crack cocaine user, and her father Michael Jerome Williams, a frequent offender, were the parents of Oher.

His background resulted in him receiving little guidance or attention as a child. During his first nine years in school, he attended eleven different schools and repeated both first and second grade. At the age of seven, he was placed in foster care.

He spent time living in different foster homes as well as experiencing homelessness. Denise Oher’s brother used to share a cell with Oher’s biological father, who was killed in jail when Oher was a senior in high school.

When Michael Oher was 16 years old, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy ultimately took him in, and at 17, they were appointed as Oher’s legal guardians. They hired Oher a tutor, who spent 20 hours per week helping him with his schoolwork.

High School

During his first year of high school in a Memphis public high school, Oher started playing football. Oher’s junior year saw him start to shine in the football game. Oher was voted First Team Tennessee All-State and Division II Lineman of the Year in 2003. In addition, he received two letters each in basketball and track.

Oher was the starting left tackle for the varsity football team at the start of his senior year. As a senior, he finished second in the state in the discus. Oher’s poor academic performance at first prevented him from being accepted into an NCAA program, but he gradually raised his 0.76 GPA to a 2.52 GPA in order to enroll in a Division 1 university.

In order to achieve this, he enrolled in online courses offered by Brigham Young University, replacing his prior Ds and Fs with As until he ultimately increased his graduating GPA beyond the required level. Also, read about Cole Bennett Net Worth

He immediately rose to the top of Tennessee’s football prospects, earning many Division 1 school scholarship offers. Despite receiving scholarship offers from Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and South Carolina, he ultimately decided to play collegiate football with the Ole Miss Rebels at the University of Mississippi.

College Career

In his first season with the Ole Miss Rebels, guard Oher made ten starts. He soon rose to the status of first-team rookie All-American. Oher was chosen to several preseason All-Conference and All-American lists after switching to left tackle for the 2006 season.

In addition, he was awarded a first-team SEC offensive lineman after his sophomore season and a second-team SEC offensive lineman after his junior year. Oher excelled academically at Ole Miss as well, and between the time he was assessed as a child and the time he was assessed in college, his IQ scores improved by 30 points.

Michael Oher

In his sophomore year, he was on the honor roll. Oher said in January 2008 that he will be quitting school to enter the 2008 NFL draught. Just two days later, he revealed that he was leaving the draught in order to finish his senior year at Ole Miss.

Oher made the honor roll for the second time in his college career after being named to the first team All-American following the 2008 campaign. In the spring of 2009, he received his Criminal Justice degree. He finished his college football career with more than a dozen honors and significant prizes.

Pro Career

Oher was regarded as one of the top prospects for the 2009 NFL Draft even before he graduated. With the 23rd pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens selected Oher. The New England Patriots had sent the pick to the Baltimore Ravens in return for their first-round and fifth-round picks.

The Tuohys, who were his adoptive family, was able to attend his draught day pick. He agreed to a five-year, $13.8 million contract with the Ravens on July 30, 2009. After lineman Jared Gaither suffered an injury, Oher was switched from right to left tackle for the first eight weeks of the 2009 season before returning to his original position.

Oher alternated between starting on the right and left tackle in each game in 2009. He played right tackle in his first postseason game in January 2010 against the New England Patriots, preventing any sacks and leading the Ravens to a 33-13 victory. Also, read about Chrisean Rock Net Worth

With six votes, Oher came in second place for the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award from the Associated Press. After the Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in Super Bowl XLVII in February 2013, Oher received his first Super Bowl ring.

Oher and the Tennessee Titans agreed to a four-year, $20 million contract in March 2014. He made eleven starts with the Titans before being put on injured reserve on December 13 after missing the previous two contests because of a toe ailment.

Pro Football Focus ranked him as the 74th-best tackle out of 78 during the 2014 campaign. On February 5, 2015, the Titans released Oher.

He agreed to a two-year, $7 million contract with the Carolina Panthers a month later. Oher acknowledged Cam Newton as a key motivator for choosing Carolina, where he went on to have one of his greatest seasons as a pro while covering Newton’s blind side.

Despite his difficulties in Tennessee, he began the season as the Panthers starting left tackle, according to GM Dave Gettleman: “We conducted our research on Michael, and we are confident that he will provide us with the solution.

He will be placed at left tackle, and then we will proceed.” Oher participated in 98.4% of the team’s snaps while receiving just three penalties for 25 yards. Oher was a member of the Panthers team that lost to the Denver Broncos by a score of 24-10 in the Super Bowl on February 7, 2016.

Michael Oher Admits He Dislikes The Life-Based Film “The Blind Side”

The Blind Side actor Quinton Aaron responded to Michael Oher’s recent complaints about the movie’s impact on his playing career in an interview with TMZ.

The linemen should stop worrying about what other people think and start appreciating the excellent movie he made, according to Aaron, who played the role of Oher in the movie.
After practice on Wednesday, Oher told ESPN.com’s David Newton that he didn’t appreciate the movie and the way it has followed him in the NFL.

Oher told Newton, “I’m not trying to prove anything. “Because of a movie, people stare at me and grab things from me. They aren’t really aware of my abilities or the type of player I am. I frequently receive downgrades because of things off the field, which is why.”

Oher, who was selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the 23rd overall pick in 2009, thinks the movie has made people hold him to an unattainable standard. He has yet to establish himself as a great offensive lineman.

Michael Oher Net Worth

Michael Oher Net Worth is estimated to be around $16 Million in 2022. Oher and the Panthers agreed to a three-year contract extension in June 2016 worth $21.6 million, with $9.5 million of that amount guaranteed.

Three games into the season, he suffered a concussion, and on November 25, 2016, he was placed on injured reserve. Sadly, the Panthers discharged him on July 20, 2017, following a failed physical.

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